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Without Further Ado, Snow Dogs Volume Two – I’m Talking 65 Puppers (and 1 Cat)

“Canela from Petworth. She is a Cane Corso 4 month puppy”

Thanks to all for sending the many, many, many submissions. Today has been amazing, can’t thank you guys enough for sharing the joy. Ed. Note: If you missed volume two and submitted a snow pup, you’ll be added to the regular animal fix queue and I’ll email ya the day of posting. I give you the opposite of doom scrolling:

“Toodles at Battery Kemble Park”

“Titus in Columbia Heights”

“Snow patrolling with Biggie in Bloomingdale. YNWA!”

“Titus in Columbia Heights”

“Sadie in Woodridge”

“Tucker in Cleveland Park”

“Maeve’s First Snow, Petworth”

“Maeve’s First Snow”

“Banks this morning!”

“Bruno of Logan Circle curious about this unusual occurrence”

“This is Amaterasu (Amabear) in Columbia Heights!”

“Snow Dog – Milly, Logan Circle”

“Barnaby in Southwest!”

“This is Troye in Woodley Park, and he’s dreaming of a white Christmas with plenty of cheese!”

“in Capitol Hill!”

“Abbie snacking on snow in Takoma.”

“She’s 100lbs but still a puppy so this is her first snow!”

“Walker and Reagan – H Street NE”

“Mini-ghost the Husky”

“Benji’s first snow! Didn’t hate it.”

“Taussig Edie from Capitol Hill ready for the snow. Also taking applications from anyone in Hawaii who might want to adopt her. Shhhhh. Don’t tell her moms.”

“This is Winnie the Poodle in Hill East.”

“Hank from Brookland (@hankthetankdc) enjoyed the snow today.”

“Rolf smiling and playing. Capitol Hill”

“Aubie in Capitol Hill”

“Here’s my snow pup from McLean Gardens”

“Tucker in Takoma, DC!”

“This is Chloe at S street dog park in Dupont Circle seeing snow for the first time. Safe to say she loves it!”

“Harlow of Columbia heights. He had fun until he was over and he has snot icicles then it was time to be carried home.”

“Frankie in Kalorama Triangle”

“Greg’s first snow! As a water obsessed Boykin, he’s pretty excited about the snow.”

“first snow”

“Louie of Manor Park. He is 11-weeks old and he’s enjoying his first snow on a walk in Ft. Slocum Park.”

“Rusty’s 1st snow day in Edgewood.”

“9-month old Gerald’s first snow day at Thomas Circle”

“For being her first time, Gaia (11 months puppy) loved the snow so much that she started licking it”

“I adopted Cleo in April of this year from Lucky Dog. She’s originally from South Carolina so I’m pretty sure this is her first time seeing snow. Columbia Heights”

“Cooper (black) and Draper from Edgewood”

“This is Rye in Petworth! It’s her first big snow.”

“Russia Doglington looking stoic at the s street dog park.”

“Lucy from Louisiana’s first snow! Adams Morgan”

“Sloane enjoying her back yard and to a lesser extent the snow! I think she wishes she didn’t get a haircut this week.”

“This is my 11 week-old yellow lab, Madison (Maddie) playing in the snow for the first time on our Navy Yard rooftop!”


“Here is Finnegan feeling chilly in Dupont Circle”

“Lola in LeDroit Park!”

“Cleo in Dupont dog park”

“5 month year old Archie enjoying his first experience with snow in Dupont Circle”

“Honey enjoying the snow in SW Waterfront”

“Maverick in Logan Circle”

“Maverick in Logan Circle”

“This is Daphne! She lives in Glover Park now but was adopted from South Carolina and we think this might be her first snow!”

“Harrington (“Puppo”) of Cleveland Park reacts to the snow in Rock Creek Park”

“Mr. Bean loves the Takoma snow.”

“This is Duma, in Columbia Heights. We moved to DC from Tanzania earlier this year and I’d say he gives snow fetch a solid 7/10. Confused and sad as to why he can’t lie down with his ball as per usual, however.”

“Stevie in AU Park”

“My foster puppy Homer is loving the snow!”

“Meet Bruce (pronounced Bruuuuuuuuuce!) who is an 11 month old chocolate lab enjoying his first ever snow day”

“Wilson in Glover Park”

“Raffa in Columbia Heights. His first snow!”

“Casey’s first time in the snow! (Columbia Heights)”

“Kobe Beef, Logan Circle!”

“Cat from Eckington, keeping an eye on the snow!”

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