Snow Dogs This Round

Thanks to Melissa for sending: “Draper, the sage schnairedale in Edgewood watching the snow… knowing it’s better to be on the inside looking out.”

A bit of a wet, muddy rainy snowy mix today. Still nice to look at!


“Gonzo enjoying his first snow!”

Thanks again to all who submitted so many great photos. If you missed the previous rounds you can see them here. If you’re pup didn’t make this round you’ll be automatically placed in the regular animal fix queue and I’ll email you the day I post. Enjoy the final pups and cats of volume five: Read More


Snow Dogs Volume One!!

“The goodest snow dog, Beau”

Our earliest versions of snow dogs ever – more benefits of a Sunday snow!! Please send your snow dogs and other general snow photo awesomeness to [email protected] Please include the name of your pup and what neighborhood you’re in and I’ll be posting later today and throughout tomorrow!! Enjoy, be safe and have fun!!

Now for the rest of snow dogs volume one!! Read More


“Canela from Petworth. She is a Cane Corso 4 month puppy”

Thanks to all for sending the many, many, many submissions. Today has been amazing, can’t thank you guys enough for sharing the joy. Ed. Note: If you missed volume two and submitted a snow pup, you’ll be added to the regular animal fix queue and I’ll email ya the day of posting. I give you the opposite of doom scrolling: Read More


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