Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

It is ongoing as I type and it is 3.10 am EST. How on earth can they have a permit for this? And how is it possible that this is the only hour this work can be done? Any recommendations on who to take it up with?”

Letter OP sent to WMATA:

“I am living in the Dupont Circle area where you have a canopy construction that goes on after midnight and into the morning and creates UNBEARABLE NOISE.

How is it possible that they can carry out this construction literally in the middle of the night when 99 percent of the people living in the area are asleep???? This is now God knows how manyeth night that I am up with no sleep. We are in the middle of a pandemic at a time when we need healthy sleep more than ever and your construction hours have been detrimental to my sleep and therefore my health. There is ZERO warning on your web site about this and ZERO signs around the area where the construction takes place explaining WHY on earth it needs to happen at these ungodly hours.

Please stop this ordeal — I will for sure complain to the District government and every other relevant institution. It is utterly irrational to defend that this construction can only be done at these hours, making the residents’ lives unbearable.”


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