Washington, DC

Photo by Erin

“Dear PoPville,

I am supposed to be traveling very soon and yesterday started experiencing muscle soreness and other potential COVID symptoms. I want to get a test but there are so many reports of tests taking 2-3 weeks!!

I haven’t knowingly been exposed, but I want to keep my family, other people on the planes, etc safe and of course don’t want to travel if I am sick. I would just cancel, but it’s not a vacation/leisure trip. I really have to go unless I’m sure I have COVID.

What are people’s latest experiences with firehouse testing turn around times?

Are there other testing sites where people have gotten a good turn around? I don’t have a primary care physician so getting a referral might not be possible, but if that’s the way to go, I will. The Farragut Medical and Travel Care center says I can get a rapid test there, but they don’t take insurance and it’ll be $300. I 100% do not have that kind of money right now.”


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