Washington, DC

Photo by slatifolia

“Dear PoPville,

While I don’t blame parents for looking for help in this tough time & there are plenty of postings that are giving fair offers and fair expectations, I feel like folks out there posting ridiculous ads like this one need to be called out.

A family looking for an experienced ECE teacher WITH an eduation degree for $24/hour in the middle of the day to give 2 children personalized instruction (and in the future, watch an infant child) is both insulting and a total disregard of a teacher’s worth.

Further, to ask this person to commit nearly a year of their lives at poor wages/hours with further expectation that they are writing lesson plans (unpaid) in their free time just makes me irate.

DC teachers get paid rates MUCH better than this, increasing with experience and achievement. Further, this includes REAL benefits & summers off. I can’t pretend to know what this family is currently going through, but I think it’s important that as parents look to find experienced individuals to provide additional support, that they do so in a respectful manner.


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