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“Dear PoPville,

I got this email from my property. Vague accusations and tone are concerning. Also property is declaring ALL forms of medical marijuana a violation of lease and also encouraging residents to report each other for suspected violations.

Is this legal? Is this the norm policy for private property owners in dc?

They are encouraging residents to police each other and threatening lease violations (eviction) during a pandemic. Very tone deaf and disappointing.”

Twelve12 – Smoking Policy Letter:

“Dear Resident(s):

I am writing regarding cigarette and/or marijuana use on the premises which is resulting in smoke drift throughout your community. Management staff have been investigating this matter closely and have reason to believe the smoke drift is emanating from a few specific apartment homes.

As a reminder, residents are prohibited from smoking cigarettes and/or marijuana on the premises. Twelve12 is a completely smoke free property, as explained in Section 35 of the lease, as is the entire Yards campus. This action is a direct violation of the lease agreement. The lease agreement specifically provides the following:

Violating Laws and Causing Disturbances: Resident, Occupant(s), and Resident’s guests will not commit any acts or use the Premises or common areas in such a way as to (a) violate any law or ordinance, including laws prohibiting the use, possession or sale of illegal drugs; (b) commit property damage; or (c) annoy, disturb, inconvenience or interfere with the quiet enjoyment and peace and quiet of any other resident, management staff, contractors or vendors.

Use of Marijuana: The use, possession, manufacture, sale or distribution of marijuana by any Resident, household member, guest, or any other person under Resident’s control, for any purpose, is prohibited in the Apartment and on the project grounds and is a material non-compliance of the Lease Agreement. There is no exception for marijuana purported to be for medical reasons.

To further explain, the smoke drift throughout certain areas of the building is creating a nuisance and disturbance to other residents in the community. Ultimately, affecting their health and peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

With that, we write to request that you immediately discontinue smoking of any substance inside of your home, further taking into consideration that during a pandemic must of our residents are home throughout day, suffering through the smoke drift.

Please disregard this letter if you are not engaging in the conduct described above. We ask that you please assist us in locating those who are not abiding by the terms of the lease. You can do this by reporting to Management when you smell smoke drift or observe someone smoking.”


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