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“Shade for Change”

via GoFundMe

Thanks to JC for passing on this GoFundMe campaign:

“Ahead of the August 28th March on Washington, our non-profit initiative is raising funds, spreading awareness and seeking partnerships to help provide tens of thousands of black umbrellas to all those marching for change. All be it simplistic in nature, the free distribution of these black umbrellas will serve three essential functions for what will be a historic event in our nations Capitol. A sea of black umbrellas stretching from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument, providing a message the world cannot ignore.

First and foremost, the black umbrellas will be a symbol of unity. One that puts a much needed emphasis on the frailty, importance and value of human life no matter what color, shade or hue it comes in. It is a message to honor the innocent lives lost to the ongoing sickness of racism in this country. It is a message designed to unite politicians, police, protestors, men, women, gay, straight, black, white, left and right. A message to bring us all together, standing under the color of one shade. Above all, this is a message of solidarity, hope and healing.

As a proud Father of 3 boys from Philly, I’m just doing my best to create the change I want to see in this life, for the betterment of theirs. A life where the content of a persons character is more important than the color of their skin. This project is for sons like George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbury, Rayshard Brooks and Eric Garner. For daughters like Brionna Taylor and Oluwatoyin Salau. It is a message of unity from our nations Mothers, Fathers, sons and daughters, all who deserve change and hope for a better future.

The second function of the black umbrellas is to provide much needed cover should the forecast call for rain. With a black top and silver underlining, the umbrellas will also absorb and reflect excessive heat on a brutally hot day. Gotta’ stay cool when your peacefully protesting!

Last but not least, each black umbrella will help encourage and promote social distancing measures for all those in attendance, providing a physical barrier of safety during the ongoing pandemic. “Keep safe and stay an umbrella away”!

100% of the funds raised from this project will go toward the bulk purchase order of umbrellas. Provided we are able to raise enough funds, a shipment of 10,000 black umbrella is already in stock and waiting to ship!

If you know contacts or connections that would like to help grow this vision we would love to hear from them! Please feel free to reach out directly via email and thank you so much for your time, support and consideration. Stay safe, god bless and please help share! #ShadeforChange”

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