Washington, DC

1422 L Street, NW

At the end of last month we broke the news that things were not looking good for the Post Pub. The Post’s Tim Carman breathed an ounce of hope but sadly that didn’t work out. This morning the Post Pub writes:

“I am sad to inform our customers and friends that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related factors I am forced to close the Post Pub permanently. There’s simply no other option.

To all of our long time loyal customers, I can only say thank you!! More of you than I can name came in almost every day. You were the biggest part of the Post Pub family. A special thanks to the Washington Post employees who helped us pay a lot of bills over the years!

To my employees: I am sorry it ended so abruptly and that you must now look for employment elsewhere. After 43+ years in the same spot, it is hard for me to say goodbye. I am most proud of the fact that three people worked at the Pub for over 30 years and six people for over 20 years. That tells me it really was more than just a business, it was a family.

Special thanks to Chris Beaulieu, Photius “Frank” Perrus, James Carter, Basil Hanlon, Linda Frantz, Rodney Williams, Kelvin Norman, Jason Caracofe, BJ Rector, and a very special thanks to my manager Kathy Caparratto, without whom it may have ended several years ago.

Please feel free to post your photo memories of the Pub here, and to keep in touch with us at [email protected] We have some Post Pub merchandise left that will be available for sale soon. If interested in a t-shirt, send us an e-mail.

Again, thank you all.

Bob Beaulieu”


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