Washington, DC

via google maps

From MPD:

“Last night at approximately 2230 hours, members of the Fifth District Crime Suppression Team (CST) were conducting operations in the 1500 block of F Street, NE. Officers observed a group of individuals who they attempted to contact, and one of the group fled on foot at the sight of police. That person was stopped shortly thereafter, and was found to be in possession of Glock 26 .9mm semi-automatic handgun. The firearm was equipped with an extended magazine capable of holding 30 rounds of ammunition,

and it was found to have a round in the chamber and 20 rounds in the magazine at the time the individual was arrested. 5D CST continues seizing illegal guns during this pandemic, and their willingness to come into close contact with criminals in an effort to keep the citizens of the District safe is a testament to their dedication.”


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