Washington, DC

2459 18th Street, NW

From a press release:

“The Tryst Trading Company has announced it will now offer carryout with limited menu options and household pantry items at its flagship restaurant, Tryst.

The CEO and Owner Constantine Stavropolous explains the priorities in safety and putting a limited staff back to work. “The health and safety of our staff is our first priority. Like many DC restaurants, we temporarily closed our restaurants in March. While it was a heartbreaking decision, we remained optimistic about reopening our doors in a safe and responsible manner. Our team members have been incredibly patient as we worked to reopen our doors.”

Guests can access the limited menu items and household pantry staples from Tryst’s website. Household pantry item orders will need to be placed in advance, and items can be picked up at Tryst from 8 AM- 3 PM daily.

Jamie Mangrum, Marketing and PR Manager provides details on this new step in eCommerce for The Tryst Trading Company. “We’re offering fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy items for guests to purchase and pick up from Tryst. We believe this is a great option for folks that live in the city that want an alternative to going out to a grocery store.”

Constantine adds that the leadership team was incredibly productive over the past several weeks, “We used this time wisely. We had opportunities to implement a more robust eCommerce platform and offer a safe carryout experience for our guests. It’s a new beginning! We believe this will be the first of many great steps for all of our restaurants.”

Management for The Tryst Trading Company would like to express gratitude to the guests and corporate partners for their continued patronage and support during this globally concerning matter.”


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