Washington, DC

1701 Pennsylvania Ave, NW previously, briefly, home to an Eatsa

From an email:

“DC’s first-ever “cause-casual” advocacy restaurant, Immigrant Foods, is grand opening next month! A few takeaways:

A team of first-and-second-generation Americans is behind the restaurant: Limardo, a native Venezuelan who’s cooked around the world for years; political consultant and Seven Reasons co-owner Ezequiel Vázquez-Ger; and Peter Schechter, a global affairs specialist who served on the board of José Andrés’s ThinkFoodGroup’s DC restaurants for 14 years.

Besides just serving meals, the plan is to put out an online magazine, helping diners donate to immigrant causes, and offer English language classes and more services with programs led by local nonprofits

Located on Pennsylvania Avenue, less than a block from the White House, Immigrant Food will celebrate the tastes and gastronomies of America’s immigrants while also creating a place for advocacy, change, and community.

The restaurant is specifically designed for the 25-to-40 crowd, with those now-popular experiential touches–say a photo booth, where patrons can point to their origin country on a map and get a photo texted to their phone with a framed message: “We’re all immigrants.”

The restaurant has a mission to: offer customers delicious fusion dishes; to celebrate America’s immigration heritage; to open its doors to immigrant service organizations; and to become an advocate in the immigration debate.”

looking east towards the White House


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