Washington, DC

Photo by diaryofatravelingeatie

When diaryofatravelingeatie tagged us in this photo:

“The most beloved tacos in the DC Metro are at a gas station.

Taco Bar is at the Shell station on Fields Road in Gaithersburg, MD. Here, taco tortillas are doubled (x2!), and the tacos are so stuffed that the filling falls out when you take a bite. The tacos are served unadulterated – just meat and tortilla. You can load them up how you want at the toppings station. Besides tacos, they have any matter of other Mexican entrees and sides, such as burritos, tortas, and refried beans and rice.”

I knew we had our next Friday Question of the Day. Especially after last week’s epic best breakfast sandwich discussion. So where’s your favorite spot – including the ‘burbs?

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