Washington, DC

2315 18th Street, NW. I miss their old sign.

You can see best Carryouts here, best Thai here, best liquor stores here, and best Ramen here.

Lest we get in to a debate over what a dive bar is, let’s just nip that in the bud and include all bars. Your favorite bar can be all fancy with leather stools with armrest that have outlets, bubble machines, and ice imported from the finest natural springs, if you like. Or it can be Dan’s Cafe. Or it can be someplace nicely in between:

11th and U Street, NW

Or it can vary depending on your mood.

So where’s your favorite, let’s say casual bar? Favorite fancy bar? Favorite bars with music? Favorite bar for cocktails? Favorite bar for food? Favorite bar for staff? Favorite bar for bringing friends, being alone, meeting a date, hooking up, bringing your dog, gasp, your kid? Favorite bar for, I don’t know you tell me!! Please.

A few of my current favorites for different reasons, in addition to Solly’s and Nanny’s of course, include Moreland’s Tavern, The Green Zone, Pop’s Sea Bar, All Purpose Navy Yard, Salt Line, Garden District, Ivy & Coney, Looking Glass Lounge, DC Reynolds, Midland’s, Wonderland, The Pug, Copy Cat Co., The Gibson, Jack Rose, Little Coco’s, Lyman’s, Red Derby, All Souls, Right Proper, Crown and Crow, that little bar downstairs at 600 T St, NW, Lost and Found, Players Club and Jackie Lee’s. [Part one]


3319 Connecticut Ave, NW


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