Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Miki Jourdan

“Dear PoPville,

My neighbors in the apartment next to mine (we share a wall) recently got a new dog. The problem is that whenever the owners aren’t home, he barks incessantly (howls can be heard across the hallway) and the owners seem not to care or are not bothered by it. One of our other neighbors even wrote a note to them recently complaining and politely asking them to do something about it.

I love dogs and completely understand that they can be under stress when in a new home and alone, but this has been going on for multiple months now and is getting out of hand. I shouldn’t be able to hear his howls hours on end from my living room. What is the proper thing to do… get my apartment management involved? Talk to the neighbors again? I don’t want them to remove the dog but there has to be a proper way to handle this.

-Dog lover who needs some sleep”


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