Washington, DC

201 Massachusetts Ave, NE

Thanks to ‘Space Force, Best Force’ for sending: “New pho place to replace Kyoto Sushi on Capitol Hill.”

Updates when we get an opening date for Pho 79.

Props to Jenn M. for, sadly, predicting Kyoto’s closing in January:

“This used to be my favorite restaurant in DC but I fear it’s about to go out of business.

Things that have happened in the past month:
1. Went on a Saturday and they were out of sushi until Monday (wah?)
2. They no longer serve Kyoto ball appetizers (b/c it appears only one person knew how to make these? Even though they are basically crab rangoon?)
3. They no longer have wait service at night

It just seems like something has happened and they don’t have enough staff. Last time we were there, every single soy sauce was out of soy sauce on the tables, their soda was out of carbonation and over all it just feel dirtier than it used to.

I’ve been making it to Kyoto regularly for my 6 years in DC and I’m so sad to say the last time might’ve been the last.



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