Washington, DC

2321 18th Street, NW

UPDATE from Bourbon’s Facebook:

Some news:

After 12 years in one of the city’s great neighborhoods, Adams Morgan, Bourbon has decided to close our doors.

The goal was to be a relaxed, easy-going bar, with great music and an even greater staff, to be the neighborhood bar, a whiskey lover’s home at a time when whiskey wasn’t yet the trend. We succeeded.

Instead of reinventing the business entirely, I think it’s best that we re-evaluate exactly what we’re offering to our community and how. I am eager to explore other opportunities within this city. I am grateful for the time and relationships this venture has graced my life with. I credit every single individual that assisted in our success for many years; specifically, our staff and Bill Thomas’s staff in the years before me.

All the priceless memories and impactful moments this little watering hole could pour, we certainly drank. Thank you all.

— James P. Woods, owner”

A reader reports at 8:37pm last night: “Bourbon is closed.”

Their website says they are open on Wednesday nights starting at 5pm and there were no messages about a temporary closure on their Facebook or Twitter.

On August 31st another reader had heard that Bourbon could be closing at the end of September. On September 10th Bourbon’s owner said:

“Hi guys, we’re NOT closing, and haven’t storied anything this week. Rumors of our death (by POP) have been greatly exaggerated. But come by for $8 Bulleit juleps or Old-fashioneds.”

Bourbon’s website is still live and you can see their menus here. Not clear if last night was a temporary thing or if a new schedule is planned.  STAY TUNED.


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