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MPD announces another “marijuana pop up party” bust

via MPD

Earlier this week MPD reported:

“the Fifth District Crime Suppression Team executed a search warrant on a marijuana pop up event in the 2200 block of 25th Place, NE. The event was widely advertised and well attended. Officers arrested 30 distributors, seized pounds of marijuana and THC containing products from 28 vendors, seized over $10,000 in US Currency and recovered 3 firearms!”

Today MPD reports:

“Last evening the 5th District Crime Suppression Team executed a D.C. Superior Court Search Warrant in the 1700 block of 3rd Street NW in reference to a “marijuana pop up party”. Crime Suppression Team members made ten arrest and recovered large amounts of various illegal forms of marijuana and marijuana edibles. Great job Crime Suppression Team for shutting down another illegal “marijuana pop up party”!!!!”

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