Washington, DC

14th and Rhode Island Ave, NW

If you were excited about Player’s Club after seeing the coming soon signage you’re gonna flip your lid when you see inside. Last we heard, one of the owners (Ian Hilton) told us:

“6 pinball machines. Also skee ball, b-ball, bubble hockey and like 20 old school video games including my personal favorite, Gauntlet.”

Well my friends that translates far better in photos.  And maybe it’s because I’m 43 years old and this whole place reminds me of my youth but, I think you’ll agree that this place is fan-freaking-tastic.  If all goes well they will open in a week or so – but March 1st at the very latest.

It’s unassuming at first, and oh so fitting to be in the basement.  You are first greeted by a wall of record covers:

And then the magic starts:

A million more photos after the jump.

And look at the bar:

So many games:

Sup Jukebox?

You can play your own vinyl from their huge collection too:

And you’ll be able to order Shake Shack here:

Bonus ridiculously awesome album cover of the week:

Looking north towards P Street


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