Washington, DC

I was surprised to see Fast Eddie’s window papered over but when I called for details I was told they’d just be closed for renovations for the next month or two. Also while I was looking for more details I found this fantastic yelp review from Babs R.:

“Awesome burgers, great service!! We were in from out of town and this place was right across the street from the hotel. We weren’t interested in drinking, so I can’t comment on that, but we were both starving and dying of thirst. The waitress was on top of refills, we had 5/6 each, and the burger s were cooked to a perfect medium, which we asked for. We tried to go back, I think it was Saturday @ the same time, but the asshole bouncer out front just stood there like a retarded robot repeating”it’s a gentleman’s club”, “it’s a gentleman s club”. No chance for questions, like what are the hours or days? How did he know I wasn’t looking for a lap dance or applying for a job!!! Anyways, if your going for food it’s really good, extremely reasonable, with great service.”

Ed. Note: I do not supported using retarded as a pejorative but the rest of the review is pretty funny.

1520 K Street, NW


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