Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Bossi

“Dear PoPville,

Yesterday morning (Tuesday, December 5), I was waiting to cross 17th Street on the east side of Farragut Square, when a car came barreling northbound from I (already going the wrong way, but traffic is usually light on that block, save for the buses), paused for a moment at K and then continued northbound. There were a number of cars heading southbound, both to the left and the right of this individual, but luckily not in their lane. I’m surprised he didn’t hit anyone and truly sorry I didn’t record this on my phone. The car turned around about two-thirds of the way up the block and maybe parked, I’m not sure. By that time I had my walk signal and crossed.

This is not the first time I’ve seen someone try to go northbound on 17th in the morning. I’ve seen cars trying to turn from westbound K onto 17th from the service lane. The signage is hard to see. I wonder if there should be larger, illuminated signs hanging from the wires with the traffic lights or an illuminated signal to indicate no turns onto 17th. I’m really worried there will be an accident one day.

Is there anyone to whose attention you can bring this?”

Paging DDOT, District Department of Transportation, please advise!!


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