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The Library is opening late June at 3rd and Kennedy St, NW with a Persian American menu!!

by Prince Of Petworth June 7, 2017 at 10:22 pm 13 Comments

5420 3rd Street, NW

OK so Cidery? Check. Brick Oven Pizza? Check. Revamped Jackie Lee’s Lounge? Check. Next up for Kennedy Street? Finally some info on The Library that a lot of folks have been asking about! From an email:

“A neighborhood restaurant and bar where you can browse our Persian American menu featuring kabobs, meet your community, explore new drinks, play a game or read a book.

The Library plans to be open the week of June 26th and they are currently looking for front of house staff. They can contact Meredith at [email protected]

Stay tuned for updates. In the meantime a little taste:

  • Zaman

    Interesting….need more details.

  • Longfellow

    If you want to get in on the Kennedy Street action, you better hurry. It’s almost too late!

  • Excited Neighbor

    Wow! Can’t wait to see the menu and try out the food! Very cool!

  • AnoN

    Excited to see the new places on Kennedy as we’ve never checked any of them out.

    Recently went to Taqueria DF which had good street style tacos via recommendation on Popville. Very good.

    Now need to check out Anxo’s new location, The Library when it opens, and the new brick oven pizza place when it opens. Any other recommendations?

    Also, if we decided to walk to Kennedy, is that stretch pretty safe at night? Thanks all!

    • anon

      Hi neighbor, you should definitely check out Andrene’s on Kennedy great food! I also love Tony’s for breakfast and dinner if you get home before 5:30 (doesn’t happen often). They are doing a build out next door so you can sit and eat there too. I also love Twin Dragon for carry out.

    • Excited Neighbor

      Hi neighbor! SalvaMex has *perfectly* ripe avocados and a limited selection of other produce for a decent price. I’ve frequented here a lot when I need to make guacamole right away and don’t have days to wait for them to ripen! Also Tony’s is a classic greasy spoon and has cheap, easy and decent diner food.
      As far as walking around at night, just be smart. Don’t walk around drunk and be aware of your surroundings.

      • Wadsworth

        I would also add that Andrene’s is celebrating 11 years on June 24th, the same day as Kennedy Street Fest, which you should definitely come out for. Tropimart also has great food and usually the freshest coconuts that they will open for you.

    • samanda_bynes

      uhhh wife and i walked from anxo to our house (7th down to 3rd) and saw the fastest kid in the world run from a group of kids, stole something of some kind, but they didn’t pay us any mind. I wouldn’t say it’s like, HELLA safe, but there’s enough street lights and just keep ya head up.

    • anon

      Check out Andrene’s for good Caribbean food in a welcoming environment, and Tony’s for good greasy spoon takeout fare. As for walking to Kennedy at night — people do it all the time, the area isn’t as unsafe as its reputation suggests, but I’d still recommend walking with someone else or in a group, especially from 5th/7th to Georgia.

    • Joshua

      Anxo is beautiful and the staff is great. They don’t seem to have a kitchen yet so the food options are rather limited, and in my opinion, there’s only so much cider one person can drink. I can spend hours at a regular bar going through different beers and booze, but drinking cider after cider just doesn’t have the same appeal to me. YMMV.

      • Longfellow

        @ Joshua
        Anxo has a great beer selection in addition to its cider. It’s a great place to knock back a few, even if cider is not your cup of tea.

      • Another neighbor

        Anxo has beer, wine, cocktails, vermouth, etc. Drink options extend well beyond cider–that’s just their specialty.

  • Andrene Finn

    Hello Guys!
    Just want to say i really appreciate the Shout- out about Andrene’s. Andrene’s Cafe has been on Kennedy Street for 11- th years; i chose the Neighborhood by means of giving back to my community. My house on 5th and Gallatin is walking distance from the restaurant. I recalled attending Meetings and listening to folks complained about a sit-down stop. I delivered, Andrene’s was featured in the Washingtonian Magazine when we were still a Carry out in 2009. Andrene’s was also reviewed by the Washington Post; the Cover of DC North and the Informer Newspaper. Please stop by on June 24th! Caribbean Band. Rita’s. Clown Acts. Raffles. Fundraising for Non-profit Organization. See you soon!
    Thanks again.


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