Today in People Driving Poorly

by Prince Of Petworth June 8, 2017 at 9:05 am 8 Comments

Thanks to Amanda Berry for sending just before 9am:

“Traffic at near standstill due to car flipped on side. Wisconsin Ave in Glover Park completely closed.”


  • Anon

    How does these even happen? If you are traveling very fast and get hit this could happen, but Wisconsin Ave is not very high speed during rush hour.

    • not telling

      It looks like a small SUV/Crossover SUV….which still has a high center of gravity. It doesn’t take much, just swerving abruptly, to tip over one of these vehicles. Go ahead and google it…you’ll find all kinds of videos of how they can flip over going as slow as 30mph, without any contact with another vehicle or object.

      • andy2

        It was a honda civic…

  • andy2

    I rode by on my bike – and didn’t see any indication of another car involved. Could be they pulled out of Pearson’s parking lot and tried to turn right at high speed…but yeah WTF

  • Anon, A Mouse

    “Both occupants self evacuated & declined medical transport.” If I rolled my car, I’d probably self evacuate too…

    • navyard

      I was thinking the exact opposite. I would hide in the car until an ambulance showed up and then I’d ask for the sheet to be pulled over my head.
      Unless you meant a different type of self-evacuation. In that case, oof.

    • spookiness

      If the car is on the side like that and you self-evacuate, presumably via the window closest to the ground, is there a risk the car could continue to roll (on you?). Its not what most people would do, but the safest thing is to probably just stay in the car until emergency responders help you get out.


  • InGloverPark

    This appeared to be a two car accident. The Honda Accord had damage to the passenger side. An Acura wagon was pulled over further down the block and had damage to the front driver’s side quarter. There’s no parking that time of day on Wisconsin and the Acura was also within the area that MPD and the fire department had blocked off. My best guess is that one car pulled into the path of the other, they collided, and in the Accord driver’s attempt to avoid oncoming traffic, they overcorrected and wound up on their side.


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