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Cidery? Check! Brick Oven Pizza? Check! Next up for Kennedy Street? The Return of Jackie Lee’s!!

by Prince Of Petworth June 5, 2017 at 10:30 am 32 Comments

116 Kennedy Street, NW

Thanks to all who sent updates from the Kennedy Street Development Corporation:

“Back in early November, we spread the word that 116 Kennedy, the historic former home of Jackie Lee’s Uptown Lounge and Hofberg’s Deli, was for sale.

Well, we have some exciting news to report: Jackie Lee’s is returning in a new incarnation!

Partners Nick Schieber, Jason Crafton, and Amanda Kelsey, who have worked at various neighborhood bars throughout the District, plan to open a neighborhood tavern and restaurant under the name Jackie Lee’s (in homage to the former establishment).

Among other exciting things, we hear that there will be a horseshoe shaped bar, “smokehouse style” food, and weekend brunches.


  • anon

    I admit I was skeptical as to whether Kennedy could take off like 8th St or 11th Street, but it looks like I was wrong. What’s cool is that this neck of town might actually be able strike a good balance between an everyday neighborhood main street feel and some upscale options.

  • Garth Algar

    i hope they keep the sign with the steak dinner on it!

    • I think those signs are long gone – I took that photo back in 2011.

      • anonon


  • CatieCat

    When i bought on Kennedy last year a 1) had no idea people have been waiting for/expecting this kind of development for YEARS and 2) just figured walking to get a nice meal or drinks was no longer an option. (I lived in Logan and Bloomingdale for the previous 7 years). With all these places opening up, it’s just super exciting to go from having zero options to at least 3 nice places in short walking distance. I have no idea how this will translate to raised property values, but one can hope!

    • anon

      I wouldn’t say there’s “zero” options right now. Andrene’s is an awesome soul food and Caribbean joint and could hold its own just about anywhere in the city. No booze, so not really for big nights out, but it’s a great place.

      • CatieCat

        Yes, Andrene’s and Taqueria DF are options within a few blocks, but after living in Bloomingdale and having Boundary Stone and El Camino, nice-ish places with fun ambiance and booze, we are missing that type of vibe. Both Andrene’s and DF have good food, but not sure they have the ambiance to justify forcing a friend who lives in Logan to trek up to Kennedy to have dinner with me, if that makes sense.

    • David

      it is nice to see new businesses opening and new options in the neighborhood, but why should one be hoping specifically for this to raise property values? Do we want to make the neighborhood even more unaffordable? Do we want to price more renters out of the neighborhood? Do we want to reinforce the stereotype of gentrifiers as caring only about raising their property values and recruiting new bars?

      If you’ve purchased a house anywhere west of the river, congratulations: you are very privileged, and you will see an appreciation of your investment pretty much regardless of what transpires in your immediate neighborhood. I would just urge all homeowners to be thoughtful about how they comment on/respond to change in neighborhoods, particularly neighborhoods like Brightwood Park, which is poised for some pretty significant change in the coming years. understand that openly celebrating how the arrival of new bars might further raise already escalating property values won’t necessarily be welcomed by a lot of people in the neighborhood.

      • CatieCat

        David, find me ONE person who buys a condo/house in ANY NEIGHBORHOOD in any city who doesn’t hope for property values to rise. Its one of the reasons we all throw all of our liquid cash into a down payment– the hope for potential growth in our investment.
        Textdoc could probably link to 100 conversations on popville about gentrification, so I’m just going to look at the positives of this news and not get caught up in a debate.

        • David

          I am not “debating” you. I am pointing out that cheering the arrival of a new bar under the pretense that it will make an already-unaffordable neighborhood even more so is disrespectful to many existing and would-be residents. I am a (relatively new) Brightwood Park homeowner; I am glad to see new options coming to my neighborhood, but I am frustrated and saddened by the fact that these developments might make the neighborhood out of reach for friends, acquaintances and others whom I would like to be my neighbors. Cheering a neighborhood’s increasing unaffordability strikes me as somewhat tone deaf, but perhaps that’s just what D.C. is these days.

          • CatieCat

            David, i agree that we all need to be “thoughtful in how…(we)…respond to change in neighborhood.” But wanting one’s property values/equity to go up, and caring about your community/neighbors are not mutually exclusive. If you read my initial comment, my main enthusiasm centers around personally having new places to go eat and drink and bring friends to the area (which benefits local business owners).
            Again, there are dozens of articles/blogs/comment threads about gentrification and there are many sides to this issue.

          • Anonymous

            If you paid more for your Brightwood Park home than other homeowners, you helped make the neighborhood less affordable. Whether you intended or wanted that to happen, it happened. If you really care about your neighborhood remaining affordable, than support the preservation and development of low and moderate income housing. Maybe a more generous homestead deduction for long term owners. Handwringing and feeling guilty about the neighborhood becoming less affordable isn’t going to change anything.

          • David

            Anon, why do you think that supporting policies that foster long-term homeownership and affordability AND being sensitive to how newly arrived residents are perceived are mutually exclusive things? I support the Ward 4 homeless shelter at 5th and Kennedy, I have advocated for the establishment of more affordable housing here and elsewhere in the district, I have voiced support for maintaining and enhancing tax policies that allow long-term residents to age in place…and I am self-aware enough to know that as a relatively recent arrival myself, it could reflect poorly to be seen openly cheering the prospects for rising property values following the arrival of new bars and restaurants on the street. This isn’t handwringing, it’s having respect for one’s neighbors and a sufficient level of self-awareness to understand how such comments could be perceived.

          • Anonymous

            Believe it or not, I guarantee that most of the people who preceded your entry into that neighborhood are cheering the arrival (or in the case of Kennedy Street, the return) of amenities like bars, restaurants, supermarkets, etc., and the rising property values they bring. People who already have a stake in these communities are happy to see them improve. They just don’t want to be pushed out after having waited so long for things to get better.

          • David

            You’ll forgive me for not accepting the word of an anonymous commenter on PoPville as the barometer of neighborhood sentiment. If you attend local community and ANC meetings, you understand that there are a number of longterm residents who have legitimate concerns about neighborhood affordability, and who look skeptically upon the arrival of places like an artisanal cidery and the impact it might have on the ability of their family, children and friends to be able to buy into or remain in the neighborhood. If you do not believe this, then please do make time to participate in an upcoming community meeting, share your views that you hope the arrival of new bars and restaurants further raises your property values, and see how those comments are perceived.

          • textdoc

            “If you attend local community and ANC meetings” — For what it’s worth, and I don’t know if this is true of Anonymous, there are some folks on PoPville who are highly skeptical of community groups and ANCs, and who almost pride themselves on not attending community or ANC meetings. I was surprised to learn that this was the case.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Simple Bar & Grill is pretty great. I just wish the location didn’t suck so much. (Georgia & Missouri is quite possibly the most pedestrian-hostile intersection that exists.)

      • KenyonDweller

        I went to Simple once and it reeked of bleach. The food was decent though. Maybe I’ll try it again.

      • ANON

        +1 Simple has fantastic food, the owner (Will) is great, and the service while usually pretty slow is always pleasant. Mustafa, the older black man who works there is a great guy and always goes out of his way to be extra nice to and engage with my little boy and my wife.

        I regrettably don’t go as often as i would like because of the location and my son’s early bed time, but it really is a great place and i recommend it often to friends in the area.

        • samanda_bynes

          i’m there weekly most weeks. good place, and that combo menu is great! striped bass and a whiskey for 6 bucks? aiight.

  • Brian

    Don’t forget The Library Tavern, coming to 3rd and Kennedy. The space looks to be completely built-out (they’ve even got art up on the walls), and I would imagine that opening will take place within the next month or so.

    • CatieCat

      yes, this looks awesome too!

      • samanda_bynes

        yup – the books are on the wall…pretty stoked!

    • rubydog

      I feel like the Library has been on the verge of opening for almost a year, but I am still excited.

      • Brian

        They have been talked about for a while, yes, but a protracted liquor license agreement process I think stunted their opening for some time. Now that that has been settled, I think you’ll see them opening soon. If you walk by the space, it appears to be mostly/fully built out–there has been considerable progress over the last few months.

      • O’Shannon

        I ran into the owner of The Library last week and he said they’d open sometime in the next three weeks.

  • meerswan

    wait…there’s brick oven pizza on Kennedy st? where?

    • CatieCat

      Dan posted last week. opening “soon” on 7th and kennedy. workers have been in there making progress daily for the last few weeks!

  • rafee

    Had no idea Kennedy St were getting these places, good to know!

  • Contessa of Cleveland Park

    A bit off-topic…but the second story of that building in the photo is so pretty. Somebody, not necessarily Jackie Lee’s, really desecrated it with that first-floor bump-out. It’d be great if it could be restored. (But I love Jackie Lee’s sign!)

    • textdoc

      Ahh… good point on that nice art-deco architecture! Thanks for pointing it out.

    • Anon



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