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“DC Pet Care Company Launches ‘Uber for Pets'”

by Prince Of Petworth May 31, 2017 at 3:30 pm 29 Comments

3303 11th Street, NW courtesy Patrick’s Pet Care

From a press release:

Patrick’s Pet Care, a leading pet services company in Washington D.C., today announced it will offer pet transportation services throughout the DMV area, making it one of the first DC pet care company to do so. The service is taking off June 1st, 2017.

‘Pet Force One,’ the company’s new van, is designed to provide safe, reliable access to key locations like the vet, groomer or airport. It features air conditioning, individualized transport spaces with water dispensers, and disposable floor mats. Recently named Best of DC in a city-wide survey, Patrick’s Pet Care has become a leader in the DC dog-walking, pet-sitting, and pet-boarding industry.

“This expansion into pet transportation will fill a much needed service in the District, allowing pet owners to benefit from high-quality services, regardless of their location or ability to travel,” says owner and general manager Patrick Flynn. “Not having a car should not prevent someone from having the loving companionship of a pet.”

Ultimately, this transportation service means no part of the city is off-limits for pet owners. Whether that’s a visit to a dog trainer, the airport, or Patrick’s small dog day care, Pet Force One will get your pet there, fast and in style.”

  • Carey

    This is an excellent idea. Some Uber drivers will transport your pet, though; I believe it’s at the driver’s discretion.

    • anon

      I uber with my small dogs a lot and have rarely had a problem. However, many of those drivers implied a bigger dog could be a problem.

      • cam

        I’ve used Uber and Lyft with cats multiple times and never any issues.

  • Anon

    Nice. Now my girlfriend and I are down to only 4-5 reasons for owning a car.

  • MadMax

    LOL, seriously? I guess it’s marginally more useful than Tinder for pets.

    • hahahaha

    • Hill Denizen

      Ummm, considering how many people in this city have a pet but don’t have a car, this is actually pretty useful.

    • Anon

      It’s very useful actually. I guess most of us live a mile or two from a vet, but that doesn’t matter if our pet is too sick or injured to walk that far. Then there are the fun/social reasons you’d want to transport a pet. There have been many occasions when my girflfriend was using the car and I wished I had a way of taking the dogs for an Arboretum walk.

  • All the animals

    This is awesome! So many pet owners and caretakers need reliable transportation and have had issues with taxi and bus drivers.

    • Elvis’s Mom

      Based on what they put on their website, the transportation is for the dogs only – they ask for keys if you’re not there for pickup / dropoff.

  • Chasin tail

    I’d love to know how many actual pet rides they get every week. Hard to believe there’s really a market for this, but maybe. Certainly good advertising for the business either way. I’d enjoy seeing a dog waiting somewhere by himself, and then hop into the van and pull away, off to his destination all by himself, iphone in his collar, ear buds stuck in those waxy earholes.

  • Cam

    I have cats and use Uber and Lyft to transport them, I’ve never once had any issues.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Cats and small dogs are easy because you can put them in bags. The issue is mainly for big dogs, I think.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        For clarity, I mean, pet carrying totes, not plastic bags or gym bags or whatever that could have meant.

  • Jen

    Most Uber drivers will accept a dog- just ask them politely over text once they’re assigned. My dog (and his crate, etc) rides in an Uber with me about 4x/month and I’ve only had two drivers deny me over the years. Especially if you get an UberXL and offer for the dog to sit in the very back on a blanket, I see very little reason to refuse a dog unless the driver him/herself is allergic (they already have to accept service pets per Uber policy). At $35/trip, this is double the cost of my normal Uber ride (and probably less timely). I could see this being useful for dogs that do not react well to cars or have some sort of other special needs, however.

  • looks like its for dogs only? that’s lame

  • CHGal

    Based on how my allergies react pretty much every time I take a ZipCar or Car2Go, neither of those options mind if you ignore the no-pets rule.

  • Petsitter

    The company I work for – Fetch – offers Pet Taxi services. Not a unique idea in DC.

  • Wendy Testaburger

    I’ve used Patrick’s day care for my dog and they were great. They used to walk my dog home and drop him off on nights I had to work late. When I moved out of Columbia Heights, I had to find another dog walker, so I can see the new transportation service geared as a means of expanding their existing petcare services into other neighborhoods.

    • anonymous2u

      I had a different experience with Patrick when I turned up a few minutes early to find my dog crated in the back which I was previously assured that he would be free (he is a rescue who fears out in a crate, but very well behaved outside). When I questioned what I saw, I was told it never happened even though I could clearly see him go in the back and retrieve my dog out of a crate. Not cool.

  • John

    This will never work. Dogs don’t have opposable thumbs and will never be able to use their smart phones properly.

    • INWDC

      I dunno, I think dogs would use their smartphones a lot better than humans currently do.

      • wdc

        More cat videos, less politics. Also, squirrel videos.

    • dcd

      Does Siri speak dog? Problem solved.

  • Anon

    This is awesome! One time I didn’t have a car and had to walk with my dog from friendship in tenleytown back to our home in Georgetown. (I miss my dog so much.)

  • cachito

    My dog is about 40lbs and I have been turned down by a number of Ubers, including one particularly frustrating day when he had a serious back problem on a Sunday and we had to take him to Friendship, across town from where we were living at the time. I had about five consecutive Ubers turn me down, even though he wasn’t able to even move, and spent hours calling friends with cars to see if anyone could take us to the vet. Yeah, I’d say this is a very needed service. Good on them!

    • anon


  • Kathryn-DC

    Just an FYI, I needed help with transporting and/or sheltering my pets several months ago, and this company totally flaked out on me. It just seemed like they didn’t have their act together, weren’t communicating clearly, etc. Regular Uber drivers were able to help me out.

  • Dog Owner

    This post is full of lies. There are MANY pet companies that provide this service and have done so well before them.


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