“Just out of curiosity”

by Prince Of Petworth May 1, 2017 at 1:15 pm 17 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

“Dear PoPville,

Just out of curiosity, is it legal to carry knives in Metro-owned facilities (garages, trains, platforms, surface parking lots).

Saw a couple of gentleman in a Metro parking garage smoking a bong and had survival knives attached to their belt buckles. (And yes, I reported it to the authorities).”

  • anon

    Which authorities did you report it to? The station managers/staff don’t always seem very responsive, so make sure you have Metro Transit Police’s number (202-962-2121) and text number (MyMTPD = 696873) in your phone.

  • MHillPark
    • General Grant Circle


  • Anonymous

    I think the legality depends on where the parking garage or facility is – I don’t know if Metro facilities have different laws from the general jurisdiction they’re in but I doubt it. Generally I believe it is legal do open-carry knives in MD and VA as long as you don’t do it with intent to harm. In DC I *think* it’s stricter and you basically can own knives but not carry them around.
    On a sarcastic note, if they were smoking pot you should have referred them to the top of the escalator at the GA Avenue Petworth station. I believe that’s a designated pot-smoking location now.

    • textdoc

      “On a sarcastic note, if they were smoking pot you should have referred them to the top of the escalator at the GA Avenue Petworth station. I believe that’s a designated pot-smoking location now.” Hahaha — too true!!

  • That Man A

    legal to carry knives in dc (blade below 3 inches if i remember correctly)
    dont think metro has any special rules as far as that goes (could be wrong)
    called the cops because they were smoking? did you smell the dope? could have been a tobacco pipe in which case they were acting within their legal rights. no?

  • Q

    PoP: Once again knocking it out of the park with the photo.

    • Truxton Thomas

      Laughed out loud when I went back to the photo. First time around I assumed it was full of plastic knives.

  • DRC

    Wait, did you call the cops because they had knives or because they were smoking weed? Hopefully the latter.

    I carry a pocket knife every day (blade slightly longer than 3″), including when I lived in the city for 3 years. I’m an engineer and I use it almost every day, so I don’t need to hear any “there is no need to carry a knife around” crap.

    • anonymous2u

      Well if it is illegal it’s illegal so don’t need to hear “I carry one everyday crap”

      • James W.

        except that it’s not illegal… so there’s that

    • anon

      Would keeping it a the office not be an option?

      • Anon

        Boy Scouts don’t spend much time in the office.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure the stabby guys in my area aren’t engineers so I’m going to go ahead and continue saying the “there is no need to carry a knife around” crap. Feel free not to listen though.

      • James W.

        except plenty of people have knives as part of their daily carry… it’s a thing. i’ve googled it.

      • Anon to Anon

        I’m a bartender. I have to carry a knife to cut the limes and the lemons. You would think that I could leave it at work, but it ALWAYS disappears. After learning that lesson the hard way, I carry my fruit knife sheathed in my backpack.

        Just because you have an opinion and it feels right to you doesn’t mean it’s the truth. There are legitimate reasons to carry knives.

  • ChooChooPolice

    Depends on which jurisdiction the garage is in and what type of knife they possess.
    In DC, a switchblade is a lockup. If they had any other type of knife on them I.e a dirk dagger stiletto or a knife with a blade greater than 3 inches, they would be arrested if they had the intent to use that knife unlawfully.
    Now if they have a kind of knife concealed on them with no utility purpose, for a example a sword, they can be arrested for CDW.
    If the garage was in MD, they’d be locked up for CDW if they had concealed on them a switch blade dirk knife Bowie knife or a star knife. If they were carrying them openly, they would need to have the intent to use them unlawfully.

    That’s the basic gist of it. As for the bong, if they were smoking weed, they could get in trouble for that. Both in DC and MD.
    But there isn’t specific metro laws for the above related topics.

    Thanks for reporting it though. Never hurts to “see something, say something”. ;)


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