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District Cuba Opens in Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth May 9, 2017 at 10:05 pm 3 Comments


District Cuba’s website says:

“Our Mission is to promote cross-cultural exchange between Americans and the people of Cuba by providing our guests with a unique, hassle-free travel experience in Cuba.

District Cuba was conceived as an opportunity to promote exchange – fueled by friendship, family or simply curiosity – between Americans and the people of Cuba. Our carefully curated tours support sustainable development, responsible eco-tourism, and appreciation for Cuban people and their rich culture. We treat our customers as our guests, and work with the best partners in Cuba to deliver the best possible travel experience.”

1746 Columbia Road, NW

  • northeazy

    While I am glad District Cuba takes into consideration “sustainable development, responsible eco-tourism, and appreciation for Cuban people and their rich culture,” I wonder how they deal with the inevitable funding of the Communist dictatorship by injecting cash into the Cuban government? For the uninitiated, unlike virtually every country on the planet, Cuba requires all visitors to exchange their national currency at the airport for what are in essence vouchers. These are called the Convertible Cuban Peso (CUC). Average Cubans use regular Cuban pesos but accept CUCs from tourists and then exchange them for regular pesos with the government. This is important because it allows the dictatorship to receive cash directly from all tourists at the port of entry. Your dollars directly fund the continuation of the dictatorship. This is the main reason why people support the embargo.

    • Kiki

      The embargo was failed policy for 50 years. Re-opening relations with Cuba was the most pragmatic approach to effecting meaningful change. I understand supporting the embargo on principle, but adherence to principle accomplished nothing and would continue to accomplish nothing.

    • Anon

      You’re absolutely correct, tourism dollars are helping to keep the Castro regime in place and they are horrifying. However, I’ve visited Cuba twice- once shortly after the visas were expanded and very few Americans had traveled there yet and again earlier this year. It was very clear to me the second time I visited that the tourist CUCs are helping average Cubans, though certainly not all and not outside of Havana. Many of these people don’t have political connections and wouldn’t have the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty without American tourists coming. They’re small business owners- Air BnB has transformed Havana, so has the internet- and a connection to the outside world is now vital. With Venezuela withdrawing their economic support, they desperately need the world to come to the island and spend money. I suspect this will have a bigger impact on transition out of the Castro regime than any embargo; Cubans now see how the rest of the world lives, they interact with Americans, and they know their standard of living is because of Castro.


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