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  • Andrew

    Hey! That barbershop next door is owned by Lina, who used to work at Diego’s before opening her own barbershop in Germantown (about a year ago). She’s been working tirelessly to come back to DC and continue to serve her clients, and this is her big return!

    I know a lot of people missed Lina, so fellas, now’s your chance to find her again!

    • Anony

      Great to know, I’ll check it out! I loved the cuts at Diego’s but stopped going because I couldn’t stand how disrespectful he was to his staff. Thanks

  • Anonthony

    Great news but I sure will miss listening to Prince albums on repeat at full volume while smoking mango-tini tobacco.

  • jaybird

    This store front was a video arcade when I was a kid. I was the Defender wizard! Or so I remember.

  • Tenley1

    SO excited that this poke trend is hitting DC and now coming to my neighborhood!!!! Can’t wait for this to open!


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