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“2 arrests were made and multiple weapons were recovered” after shots, again, fired in Truxton Circle 5pm Monday

by Prince Of Petworth May 30, 2017 at 9:30 am 16 Comments

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From MPD:

“Fifth District Community, 5D had a call for service for multiple gun shots in the rear of 1400 Block North Capitol St NW this afternoon [Monday]. In light of recent shooting over the weekend, the 5th District had deployed additional units to that area. The area was quickly saturated with the 5D units along with the MPD Gun Recovery unit. 2 arrests were made and multiple weapons were recovered. No injuries were reported.


May 29, 2017 5:07 PM


CPWL-Sounds of Gun Shots-Destruction of Proper


1400 North Capitol St NW (Rear of)”

  • Bloomingdale Resident

    It is time for Kenyan McDuffie to step up and back up the MPD. Truxton/Bloomingdale has way too many pockets of nonsense right now and this is going to continue until the MPD has the resources necessary to deal with this. Look at No Cap and Fla (property owned by a campaign contributor – Joe Mamo), No Cap and NY (numerous shootings including a gun battle during rush hour), 3rd and Q (block away from the 8 ppl getting shot this weekend) and the BP at 3rd and RI/FL (also owned Mamo). All are open air drug markets that the MPD will tell you privately they do not have the resources best suited to deal with the situations (namely vice squads and unmarked patrols).

    These problem spots just scratch the surface and it is time for McDuffie to stop dreaming of a day where we pay criminals for not committing crimes and focus on dealing with quality of life issues that spiral into what we witnessed this last week – 3 shootings within 3 square blocks in one week.

    The MPD is fantastic and responsive but it is time to call the bad actors like Joe Mamo to the carpet and start dealing with the nonsense that is overlooked. It is time for property owners who allow illegal activity on and adjacent to their properties to the carpet and remind them that they too need to call on elected officials to deal with this.

    • anondc

      If MPD is saying they don’t have adequate resources to deal with the problem (because elected officials refuse to give them those resources or allow their use “for reasons”), it seems unrealistic to expect property owners to do it for them.

    • Shaw resident

      Totally agree with this. Crime was turning a corner in these neighborhoods until the Bowser administration came in – which was also around the time that Kenyon McDuffie was appointed to lead the committee that deals with public safety. Three shoot outs in 3 square blocks in 1 week ?!? The response from the DC government has been totally missing and tepid. A community walk doesn’t solve anything. Taking credit for having patrols in the area isn’t proactive. Why isn’t the Mayor up in arms about this? Perhaps she thinks that taking a stand and doing something about the crime issue will only call attention to the fact that the problem has been spiking under her watch. She tries to blame it on national trends – but 3 shootouts in a neighborhood within 1 week is not a “national trend” issue. It is a result of this police force lacking resources – and it’s a result of changes in policing strategies that have taken place under her watch. The MPD officers I have spoken to do not support the changes she has driven down – because they don’t work.

      • Anon X

        There is a growing ideology, adhered to by many posters here, government officials, community leaders, and others that by involving the police/strengthening the police response is inviting violent confrontation and/or shooting of citizens (posing a threat or not).

        I have my own feelings on this – but you cant blame the politicians without looking at the political pressure they receive.

  • Truxton Circlist

    From my perspective on O Street during the shooting, I could see one man on foot shooting into the alley between O and P Streets. The rest of the action was hidden from my view, but this guy kept ducking in and out of the potential line of fire and took several shots into the alley. The shots in the alley were rapid fire and sounded like several firearms. There were several pauses in the shooting, either for reloading or re-situating. From the first volley of shots, I ran to the window thinking it was firecrackers, saw the one shooter, and called 911. The shooting was still going on by the time the 911 operator picked up. The 40 casings collected by the police seem like a low account of the total shots.

    I’ve lived in Truxton Circle for several years, and this is the third time I have actually seen a shooting in broad daylight.

    • nobody

      I appreciate that you called the cops. But, you really should think twice about sticking your head out your window. Curiosity killed the cat. Particularly with the amount of shots fired, you should have taken the cue to get as far from the action as possible.

      • Truxton Circlist

        Thanks for your concern, but this isn’t my first rodeo. I did not stick my head out the window, nor would I in such an event. I had an oblique view to the action, and it was immediately clear that the only shooter was oriented 180 degrees from my location. It is my civic duty to get as much information as I can to relay to 911 so that an identification can be made. When these things happen with such regularity, you kind of want to do all you can to stop them.

  • MVParent

    This tiny area is home to several elementary schools, including Mundo Verde where my kids go. They don’t have an on-campus playground so walk several blocks to the neighborhood ones every day. I know any area of the city can be dangerous, but this concentration of crime in a neighborhood with lots of kids is notably scary.

  • anon

    Ah, I see this stretch of North Capitol is the same as it ever was. It’s beyond me why anyone would pay 800k+ to live somewhere where you have to think twice about walking around at night by yourself.

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      This stretch has been like Hamsterdam for as long as I can remember. Feel bad for the recent homeowners who didn’t do research before buying in (although financially they’ll probably be okay in the long-run as I suspect the development around the metro will still push things upwards)…

      • Anonymous

        I think your sympathy is misplaced. I doubt that any of the people who have bought into this area recently were unaware of the crime problem. They invested in the area counting on things getting better and counting on their ability to hang in there until things get better. And if the past is prologue, things will get better. This is not the only area in DC with really expensive new homes where one should be careful walking around by oneself at night. High home prices and rents do not mean crime free.

        • Bobert

          “ExWalbridgeGuy” ….

    • Anon X

      Eh. Its not the “same as it ever was”. Even 5 years ago it was MUCH worse. Your comment reveals an ignorance of the actual legacy of the area.

      I’ve lived just north of here for a long time and I walk around all the time and havent even had an unsavory run-in. My closest calls have been in the commercial core from crazy eyed addicts.

  • BACAresident

    If you’d like to be a part of the solution, the Mayor’s Office and local neighborhood leaders just sent the below notice.

    The (Ward 5 MOCRS) Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Service in conjunction with community leaders will be conducting a Public Safety Walk, TODAY–Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 starting at 3:30PM in the Bates Area/Hanover Communities.

    We are asking residents of both neighborhoods to join us on this public safety walk. We will be engaging residents and passing out important public safety information.

    The walk will begin promptly at 3:30PM in front of Dunbar SHS and will end at the unit b/o Q Street NW.

    Members of the 5th District Police Department will be joining us on this walk as well as neighborhood ANC’s and Civic Association Members. We are asking you to spread the word to your neighbors as we work diligently to make your neighborhood a Safer and Strong DC.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Why do they do these walks in the middle of the day when people are working? Wouldn’t it make more sense to do it at like 6 p.m. or on a weekend?

      • E.

        I think that is when the mayor and other officials are available (or choose to be available). Years ago we used to have regular evening walks with MPD and the Guardian Angels (orange hat patrols), but they were never attended by anyone higher up than the ANC representatives and beat cops.


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