Red Line Blues

by Prince Of Petworth April 27, 2017 at 9:25 am 6 Comments


Ed. Note: As of 9:15am I’m told that there are still massive delays.

  • DC_Chica

    They have suspended service again. All trains bound to Glenmont are offloading at Dupont. And the bus I boarded has been completely blocking one lane of CT Ave for the last 5 min as confused people attempted to board or get off. Two “bus bridges” were sitting empty and not boarding anyone when I walked by a few minutes ago.

  • FedUp

    So when are we going to have a March Against Metro? This is ridiculous.

    • PJL

      Their “sick-out” seems like the perfect timing

  • anonymous

    Declare bankruptcy, dissolve the compact, get rid of the union, and start over. This will never end otherwise. No amount of money will fix this.
    Oh, and Metro commuters, beware: Metro workers are planning a “Sick Out” day tomorrow to protest new sick leave policies.

    • Jared MacBride

      Well said.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Thank heavens I can use the green line as a back up.


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