Red Line Blues


Ed. Note: As of 9:15am I’m told that there are still massive delays.

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  • They have suspended service again. All trains bound to Glenmont are offloading at Dupont. And the bus I boarded has been completely blocking one lane of CT Ave for the last 5 min as confused people attempted to board or get off. Two “bus bridges” were sitting empty and not boarding anyone when I walked by a few minutes ago.

  • So when are we going to have a March Against Metro? This is ridiculous.

  • Declare bankruptcy, dissolve the compact, get rid of the union, and start over. This will never end otherwise. No amount of money will fix this.
    Oh, and Metro commuters, beware: Metro workers are planning a “Sick Out” day tomorrow to protest new sick leave policies.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Thank heavens I can use the green line as a back up.