Meridian Hill Fountains Filled Early!


Nice! They usually don’t get filled until May (some years later than that) and making up for last year travails! Thanks to all who emailed and tweeted us. Looking good:


Though I know some will ask so sadly I must share that Jeanne is still missing her sword:



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  • Did they fix the overflow from last week (and last year) yet? I didn’t walk by it this morning but it was really streaming down 16th/W St last Friday. Not cool.

    • nope. I was there yesterday, and was so pleasantly surprised to see it on!! But alas, when I got to the bottom, I saw the overflow problem was back. oy.

      • Oi! It might just be me but frankly I’d rather have it off if it’s going to overflow. What a waste of water (and it makes the surrounding area all muddy.)

        • I know, I hate to think of how much water goes to waste! Sounds like from a more recent comment that it is under control this morning. I hope it stays that way! It really is gorgeous when the fountain is running properly.

  • No progress on the flooding. I walked by yesterday afternoon and the whole lower level was a disaster. There was a significant amount of water moving down W street and the 15th street bike lane.

    Bets on how long before they shut it off again?

  • No flooding as of 9am today! But it was only recently resolved– the ground was still damp.

  • I Dont Get It

    Thanks Trump!

    • It’s because of Obama’s weakness on fountain maintenance. Trump’s hardline stance against the NPS should get them to straighten up.

  • Need to get the bottom fountains on as well. Otherwise just a stagnant Zika breeding pond.

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