“something happened tonight that reminds me of just how great DC is”

by Prince Of Petworth April 10, 2017 at 10:30 am 23 Comments

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Jim Havard

“Dear PoPville,

So I just wanted to alert you to something that happened tonight that reminds me of just how great DC is.

I was with my girlfriend and we were driving a couple of friends home after dinner on Barracks Row. Around the corner of 15th and Kentucky Ave SE, we saw a man bleeding on the ground and a woman kneeling next to him. She flagged us down and said he had fallen on the ground.

Within minutes, more neighbors had come out to help. One person ran to get towels to apply pressure to the wound and give him aid. A couple people tried to track down a friend of his. Others helped direct traffic. And another person called 9-1-1.

Not 3 minutes later, 4 police cars, an ambulance, and a fire truck were on the scene and he was quickly given aide. Since we were unable to track down the man’s friend, the police decided to drive straight to the person’s house while the EMTs put the man in the ambulance.

People love to mock DC and say we are ruining America. And I hate that. DC is a great place. We are a community. Tonight was just another reminder of that. A bunch of random people came together to help a person that none of us knew.

  • Suse

    Would that Jason Chaffetz understand….

    • navyard

      Or Paul Ryan. I’m still pissed about that 60 Minutes interview when he swept his arm out his window and said “THAT’S the problem…Washington”. Um, no sir, YOU are the problem. Not that I’m saying Speaker Ryan by himself is the problem, but the problem works in the building where he was standing. Not outside. Inside.

      Also, is anyone else sick and tired of all these congressmen who are not paying their fair share of city living expenses by shacking up in their (taxpayer-paid and cleaned) offices? Honestly, if I decided to stop paying rent and instead to move into my government office, I would be fired! Yes, it costs more money to clean up after people who LIVE in their offices! And DC residents, landlords, deserve to make some money off these leeches.

      • navyard

        oh, and good on DC residents too. We rock!

      • Suse

        Oh, and on the list of tax revenue collected by the Feds from each state and DC, we are # 30 AHEAD of Utah at # 36.

  • Tom

    Nice! Hope he’s OK.

  • Momamula

    I have met DC people and have younger family members living and working there. The rest of us are so grateful for the passionate, caring, smart, and America loving people in DC. The people who want to help us continue on the road to being a better country-who are working for cleaner air, less pollution, expanded healthcare for all, etc. Thank you all for moving us forward and continuing to help government help all of us to be healthy and safe.

  • Tom

    Agreed, it’s wonderful that people care. Also wonderful is we live in country that “not 3 minutes later, 4 police cars, an ambulance, and a fire truck were on the scene and he was quickly given aide”.

  • S

    Not too long ago and not too far from that area a guy was shot in a drive by. I was walking my dog and came across the scene and saw the neighbors from the surrounding houses had come out with towels trying to help the guy and call the police.

    There are a lot of great people living in DC but there are also a lot of not so great people living and coming into DC so don’t let your guard down.

  • Ava16

    I’m from the south and DC is one of the nicest places I’ve lived. In general, people here genuinely care about one another and are very welcoming. I think part of that is because most of us came to DC from elsewhere with little to no family or friends in the area. We all had to create our own lives from scratch and were grateful for the people that welcomed us into their friend groups. In turn, when we meet people new to the city, we want to give them the same open-armed greeting we got.

  • districtwanderer

    I lived at that corner for many years! Some great neighbors in the area. But my experience has been that regardless of where you live, folks are usually willing to step up when there’s a crisis–a testament to the fact that there are great people everywhere! With the exception of the people who mugged me at this very corner in 2012…those people are not so great…but I’ve never doubted that the good outnumber the bad!

    • MadMax

      Yeah I would hope “not watching someone bleed out” would be a universally good thing to do, even if it’s not someone in your neighborhood.

      • Ava16

        You’d be surprised at how prevalent the bystander effect is…

  • textdoc

    “People love to mock DC and say we are ruining America.” To be fair… I think when people criticize “Washington” in that respect, they’re using it as a shorthand for “the Washington political establishment” — not criticizing D.C. residents.
    (Though of course some people think that career civil-service employees are somehow part of “the swamp,” which makes no sense to me.)

    • navyard

      textdoc, I agree that “when people criticize “Washington” in that respect, they’re using it as a shorthand for “the Washington political establishment” — not criticizing D.C. residents.”, which is why I think it’s insane for Ryan to wave his hand outside of the capitol and say “That’s the problem”.
      Still angry about it!

      • textdoc

        I saw someone who looked like Paul Ryan yesterday while I was out shopping, and was annoyed for a moment before I realized that he probably didn’t have Maryland plates and therefore it probably wasn’t him. ;)

      • Ava16

        AND the fact that some Republican politicians hate the idea of economic growth in this city (a la our friend’s tweet about construction down at the Wharf)

    • anon

      My experience speaking with individuals outside the metro area is that they do not differentiate the head of government with the actual residents of the city. More often than not, living in DC associates you with all of the turmoil caused by the country’s elected officials. Taking the opportunity to inform them that DC is the least represented population in the country (except for US territories), I would say that 9/10 US citizens outside of DC do not know that:

      1) DC does not have a voting member of Congress
      2) DC’s budget must be approved by Congress just like a Federal agency
      3) When I say DC’s budget I also mean budget items funded by DC raised tax money
      5) DC contributes more in Federal taxes than it receives in Federal taxes
      6) Congress has the opportunity to review and veto DC laws
      7) DC didn’t get the right to vote for president until the 60s
      8) DC wasn’t allowed to have a mayor until the 70s

      Those points usually provide some clarity on our relationship with the legislative branch of the federal government and whether we are a victim or a perpetrator.

      • MadMax

        Many Americans are completely ignorant about a whole range of topics, it’s certainly not limited to views on DC residents.

        • anon

          Yes– but a subtopic in this post and subsequent reader comment was related to how the rest of the nation does or does not relate the problems of “Washington” to the residents of “DC.” I was providing the opinion that most of the country does associate the two and provided the underlying factors that most of the United States are unaware of. So… while there are many topics in the world that people may be ignorant of, I outlined a few poignant ones that could provide clarity on our relationship with Congress et al.

    • Anonymous

      And just to add to what anon said, many folks (and not all outside the DC metro area) vaguely equate DC residents with the Federal government “problem” because they are, in their minds, all sucking at the Federal teat either via welfare or via direct or indirect employment.

  • textdoc

    Good to hear a story of people rising to the occasion and helping a stranger!

  • John B.

    Back when we were still parking on the street (we have a garage but have since ditched the second car), I got a call from our neighbor that somebody had just backed into our car with a moving truck. I called my husband and he said that he had just gotten off the phone with another neighbor, who had called to tell him the same thing.

  • Diana Smith

    Thank you for being willing to say that something is good! Hurrah for you to eschew the cynicism and the negativity! Thank you!


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