Meridian Hill Park Fountain Travails Continue

by Prince Of Petworth October 31, 2016 at 11:10 am 6 Comments


Unfortunate update after a brief, delayed celebration from the National Park Service:

We just discovered a leaking pipe in Meridian Hill Park fountain’s cascade system, so we’ve turned off the fountain until we can make the repair. This is in a sensitive landscaped area, so we will go in this week and carefully excavate to fix the pipe.”

  • 16th Street

    Just discovered? Water has been rushing from the Park for two weeks or so. I thought the fountain was being drained.

    • FridayGirl

      +1. It’s literally been streaming down W St. & 16th St like a river for two weeks. I was amazed it took them so long to turn it off.

  • Former Neighbot

    Honestly I walked through here for the first time in months with my dog this past weekend and I was shocked.
    The bottom pool was green, filled with leaves, and smelled. All the terraced fountain was green and a disaster. There was garbage everywhere in the lawns. The Joan of Arc statue is still without the sword, the Buchanan statue had graffiti all over it. The upper field area was run down and nearly all dirt.
    What the hell is going on with NPS/when can DC take over park maintenance/why haven’t adjoining neighborhood associations started a park conservancy or something?

    • INWDC

      Yeah, even with the NPS rehab of the park it’s still in rough shape. No idea what the solution would be but my guess is there isn’t enough money/resources for upkeep. The grounds need a substantial upgrade in order to handle the volume of use (plus the ongoing issues with graffiti and skateboarders using it as their playground doesn’t help – nothing against skaters but boards aren’t stone friendly). I’m unaware of any dedicated conservancy for the park (like something similar to the Trust for the National Mall which is on a much larger scale).

      • FridayGirl

        Although in the big scheme of things, I think broken pipes that flood the park and surrounding roads with water, and provide nests for mosquitoes, etc. are probably bigger issues that skateboarders rubbing down the stone.

  • Parks&Rec

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