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Update: Recovered!! Keep Your Eyes Peeled for this Stolen Tandem Bike

by Prince Of Petworth April 21, 2017 at 10:30 am 18 Comments

tandem bike

Update from OP:

“I chased him down myself after a lead on PoPville.”

bike back

“Dear PoPville,

Someone stole by tandem bike yesterday in Shaw. It’s super easy to spot, so I’m thinking we may actually be able to find it.”

If you happen to spot this very recognizable bike please email rodrickcrider(at)gmail.com

  • Anonthony

    Probably the thing that makes it stand out most is the baby strapped to the back of it.

    • Tandem

      Plus that baby never shuts up

  • Brian

    I saw it this morning! I was at Dunkin Donuts in Petworth and saw a guy riding it south on Georgia Ave. B/M 30-35yrs old. It was such a unique bike that it caught my eye.

    • Shaw Neighbor

      He was just riding it in front of Howard Theater at about 12:45PM. Sounds like the same guy; he was wearing a red jacket. I didn’t have my phone or I could have snapped a picture!

  • thor

    takes a special kind of low-life to steal a bike like that.

  • Tandem

    It’s been spotted this morning at Columbia Heights Giant and Petworth Dunkin Donuts. Cops in the area are on the lookout. Please call it in if you see it. Thanks

    • Andrew Heining

      Unique bikes like this are really easy to find and recover — when I went out looking for a stolen Xtracycle longtail cargo bike, the thief just handed it over when I started asking questions: https://twitter.com/andrewjh/status/638811374584528902
      Hoping for a quick return!

  • northeazy

    I have been a bicyclist for 4 years here in DC and I am always curious how bikes get stolen. I use a U-lock. I never seem to have a problem. How did your bike get stolen? Most opportunistic thieves do not carry angle grinders on them.

    • Tandem

      I’m not sure exactly. I think he popped the U lock. I usually use a massive chain also, but it appears I forgot to lock it. Sometimes after biking home with a kid I forget to do part of my routine. I’m more focused on not forgetting to leave the kid on the bike.

    • Mairfan

      I had my bike stolen off my front porch last week in Columbia Heights. The U-Lock and cable lock were cut.

    • Anon

      My u-lock was cut.

  • JL

    What a scumbag. I’ll be on the lookout for that. I hope this guy gets caught.

  • Tandem

    Thanks again everyone! The dude riding it said he didn’t steal it. He helped me load it in my truck in exchange for not calling the cops after I caught him. I don’t have the time to press charges anyway. Just happy to have it back. I use this bike everyday to get to work and daycare.

    Ironically, my kid in the photo is also the kid that was in my wife’s rainbow-painted belly when we posted the photo of the stolen Surrey bike last year. Which was also recovered by popville readers. One block from where I found this bike…

    • Elvis’s Mom

      So glad you got it back!

    • Gumball

      he didn’t steal it. It fell off the back of a tandem truck. ;-) glad you got it back!

  • Completely different topic, but how do you like the tandem + child seat? Picked up a tandem on freecycle a couple of weeks ago with a plan to use it the same way, as my wife is not confident to ride on her own.

    • Mrs. Tandem

      We love it!

    • Tandem

      I really like it, because there is so much more room between me and the kid when I ride without the second passenger. I see a lot of parents biking with backpacks who don’t realize they are smacking their kid in the face on the bike. I also have another setup that allows me to put another kid seat into the second seat post. And I have an inline triple with trike rear-end where all the riders pedal that I’ll use when they get a little older. And I have a six person surrey where four people pedal, plus with electric assist, and two baby seats up front. Lots of options, but this is my daily rider. My email is in the post above of you want to chat.


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