Pyromaniac or Performance Art?


A reader reports around 12:30am:

“Someone set fires to a few dumpsters all along 20th Street NW tonight between La Tomate and Filter Coffee Shop.”


A couple weeks ago there was a huge dumpster fire in Columbia Heights. Have we a dumpster fire bandit on our hands? All kidding aside these can easily get out of hand and cause tremendous damage. Props to the DCFD for the quick responses. Anyone else see what happened last night?

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  • diploj

    Safety concerns aside, it at least seems like an effective way to kill the rats who terrify me every time I take the trash out to our dumpster.

  • The dumpster at Firehook on Q Street was also set on fire at the same time. These were significant, definitely could have caused a lot more damage. Hopefully someone is able to provide some security footage.