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  • JB

    How is it possible that this development has managed to render an entire corner of the sidewalk (really, the entire block, because you have to take the long way around) unusable for going on two years now? Why is that legal?

    • iwdc

      Yes, this! I also see it a ton downtown and I am sort of baffled that on major streets construction projects just seem to be able to take up the sidewalk with (at best!) a “Sidewalk ends. Cross here.” sign in the middle of the block. Do the ones that *do* create a pedestrian path out of the road just do that out of the kindness of their heart? It seems like either you are required to so everyone would or you aren’t and no one would. What is the deal?

      …Yikes… Apparently I needed to be on RRRR, but I didn’t even realize how much this bothered me.

      • elbeech

        I’m pretty sure a construction worker shouted at me this morning because I didn’t use the “bike lane” he had created out of 4 cones to go around their work at 11th and Rhode Island. I was annoyed, but want to think he was just trying to be helpful. And in retrospect it was kind of funny.

  • n3

    New Popville contest: Actual dumpster fire or Trump administration?

  • Neighborly

    I’m seriously hoping this doesn’t derail the development. This project has been ongoing for far too long, and the neighbors are ready to have their corner back. This is one of six or seven large projects within a one-block stretch of 10th St NW. While I enthusiastically welcome the development, I’m also ready for some of these projects to wrap-up.

  • textdoc

    Heh — this is the first time I’ve ever heard “dumpster fire” in a non-metaphorical sense.

  • PetworthGuy

    Side note – I walk by there almost everyday and love the funky facade on the row house to the left. Reminds me of a putting green almost. Not sure if it’s been featured for House of the Day yet, but it definitely deserves a shoutout for it’s originality


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