• K

    so happy they’re finally open! I used to go out of my way to seek out their food truck. I’ve moved out of the area, but I still crave their tofu. wishing them a ton of success.

  • FridayGirl

    I just wish they had a menu up. Their website has been under construction since last November, and to be honest, if they really do only have poke and not anything from the truck I’m less likely to go. (I’m not really a raw fish person. Womp Womp.)

    • skj84

      I really hope they have the Spam Musubi on the menu. Its my favorite menu item. I’m fine with the raw fish, but Iike the Spam Musubi better.

      • MadMax

        Their musubi is the best I’ve had, not just in DC but Hawaii as well. Their Loco Moco is legit too, but I’m thrilled just to have the poke if that’s all they offer.

        • FridayGirl

          +1 to the musubi. I also can’t get enough of the macaroni salad side to be honest. I’ll certainly try the poke at some point… just maybe not this week.

          • MadMax

            Yep, love their mac salad, and it’s a side I don’t typically care for.

  • uppermostnorthwest

    Is it just me or are poke shops opening up very quickly all over the city??

    • N

      Absolutely. I noted the same thing in the previous post . It’s a little frustrating that DC and other major cities are trying to modernize poke though. Some of best poke I had in Hawaii came from convenience stores or hole in the wall type places (and for wayyyyy cheaper than these prices).

      • uppermostnorthwest

        100% with you on the cost. I went to Poke Papa yesterday and while the food was delicious, with taxes my bowl was close to $15!

  • Charlie

    I’d hesitate to enter an establishment with the word “abunai” in its name….

    It translates to “beware,” “caution,” “watch out,” or “danger”!

    • textdoc

      Maybe the idea is that it’s dangerously delicious?

  • That One Guy

    The line is insane. People are snaked inside the store and they extends outside.

    • N

      It’s funny that poke is now sort of trendy. It’s just like ceviche (using soy sauce instead of an acidic juice and cut into larger pieces).

    • FridayGirl

      Oh yikes. I’m glad I didn’t try to go today then. I’m way too busy at work for that right now :/ Can you report back later?!


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