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Bullpen coming back to Navy Yard for another season starting Nats Opening Day April 3rd

by Prince Of Petworth March 9, 2017 at 10:10 am 16 Comments

Half and M Street, SE

Readers asked a couple weeks ago:

“When does Bullpen officially close? Every year it’s the same thing… but will it still be open this season? Asking for a friend”

  • ST21

    So happy we have it one more year. I’ll be sad to see it go eventually but by 2018 the options near and around Nats Stadium will be AWESOME. Pretty good timing.

  • Ross

    I believe it’s gonna be less than half the size; they’ve begun construction on the southern part of the site.

    • Anonymous

      Based on what I see on Google Maps, it will be the area directly across from Buffalo Wild Wings up to M Street NE. The area south up to the ballpark is a construction staging area, probably for the lot that’s been sitting empty at Half and N for 5 years.

  • Christopher Russo

    Bittersweet, for sure. Anyone else fondly remember the original Bullpen that was just a slab of asphalt and a tent, back when the Nats sucked? Ah, the memories. Happy to have this around for one more year!

    • Ben

      With beers that were actually cheaper then you could get inside? Yup! Before games, I prefer the scoreboard pavilion….

      • ST21

        For sure. Underrated spot. A lot of people don’t even know about the $5 beers before the first pitch out there. I love it.

    • SEDC

      Yep, “See How Fast You Can Pitch” inflatable, sketchy plywood “hallway” back to the Porta-Johns…. and from what I remember…. $5 tallboys

  • SWChick

    Sooooooo Truckeroo?!?

    • SWChick

      Just checked the website and the season’s 1st Truckeroo is scheduled for Apr 7th! Im happy we’ll have at least 1 more year.

      • Neighborly

        Thanks for that info!

        • lizbogie

          April 7th was actually last year’s first Truckeroo- the dates for 2017 are still TBD.

          • SWChick

            April 7th was a Thursday last year so it is not possible that Tuckeroo was held on the 7th last year. April 7th is a Friday this year. It seems someone from Georgetown events is an avid Popville reader (who could blame them, its Popville lol)because the April 7th date was removed after I made the above comment. No worries, just hoping it comes back. :)

  • maxwell smart

    I know this isn’t the best use of this space, from a developer making money standpoint, but I’ll be super sad to see it go.

  • jsauri

    I’ll be very sad when it finally goes away. Sure there’s more and more restaurants these days. But they are all ridiculously packed. Once it’s gone, I’ll have to pregame in some other neighborhood.

  • AnonV2

    I started just going in to the park early when the prices at the Bullpen were no better than inside. It will be interesting to see how Bardo shapes up. They won’t catch the traffic from people exiting the Metro right into the Bullpen, so maybe it won’t be as crazy crowded on nice days.

  • AJSE

    YEEEEAAAAAH!!! Great news!


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