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“special menu featuring raclette which is a dish comprised of three types of charcuterie and a boiled potato smothered with melted cheese”

by Prince Of Petworth February 2, 2017 at 11:30 am 22 Comments

apreski (1)

From a press release:

“Après Ski DC
La Jambe, Shaw’s only French wine bar
1550 7th Street, NW
Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 – Sunday, February 26, 2017

In keeping with French tradition co-owners David Bloom and Anastasia Mori bring you Après Ski.

“a·près-ski: the social activities and entertainment following a day’s skiing.”

Bloom’s vision was to create a seasonal event focused on something other than the holidays. Après Ski translates to “After Ski”.

La Jambe will be transformed into a winter wonderland equipt with all the coziness and warmth you’d long for after a day on the slopes. In addition to their regular menu they will also be offering a special menu featuring raclette which is a dish comprised of three types of charcuterie and a boiled potato smothered with melted cheese.

Raclette is the type of cheese and the name of the dish. The menu will also feature vin chaud (mulled wine) along with other unique cocktails and dishes inspired by the après ski experience.

  • CC

    They also do not mention that it is a typical Swiss dish and tradition. It is a delicious dish.

    • wdc

      Alpine, really. They eat it all over that region, regardless of country.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Maybe originally, but it is very common in the French Alps.

    • Irv

      When I ate it after skiing, it was definitely in France.

      • Anon

        I believe it’s pronounced “Frah-ns”.

  • Craig

    Looks a bit stingy with the cheese. This is why I prefer to use “un four à raclette” with personal poêlons. You get better control and aren’t at the mercy of the person who’s supposed to racler the cheese for you.

    • Anon

      Yea, I had the exact same thought about being stingy with the cheese. No thanks.

  • Craig

    Agreed. I don’t eat at “French” restaurants that use the wrong accent marks. It’s a sign of a lack of authenticity.

    (For those wondering, the press release spells “après” correctly, but the graphic uses an acute accent on the e. [é])

    I also find it funny that they are doing raclette, but the graphic shows a fondue pot.

    Also: “composed of” or “comprising” not “comprised of”. :(

    • abdc

      Wow, people are extremely critical! The owners are a young married couple- the wife is French and the husband is American. They are extremely nice people whom I met randomly when they were working an event. The food is delicious. The crepes are really interesting and tasty. Everyone who works there is really nice and accommodating. I was actually introduced to raclette in Annecy, France where each table had a wheel with a heat lamp and you could scrape off as much cheese as you’d like. I’m not sure how they would depict raclette in the flyer, but I think the fondue pot sort of gets the point across for the après ski/chalet vibe. Nonetheless, raclette is freaking awesome, so I will definitely check this out.

  • dcd

    I had this for the first time last month, at a friend’s house. Holy cow, is it good.

  • U neighbor

    All wrong! Apres is all about unbuckling your boots and sipping a beer after working your tail off all day on the slopes, and is not to be commoditized! ::turns up nose::
    On the other hand, the raclette may be the excuse I need to finally check this place out

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Apres ski in France is basically an all night extravaganza, with large crowds, music, booze, and food.

  • asg

    The owner is French. My guess is that one of her staff or a graphic designer or something made the flyer with the error and she didn’t catch it or didn’t feel the need to make a fuss over something almost no one will notice (PoPville commenters excepted). La Jambe is awesome and a misspelling on a flyer is literally the dumbest reason to not go.

    • Anon

      “Literally the dumbest” – is it literally, though?

  • Just my opinion

    This looks lovely and delicious and personally I don’t care if they spell it backwards, in crayon, or with the sign of the beast. Every time a chain opening is reported here people are up in arms but the nitpick criticisms and random reasons not to go are not exactly supportive of small business.

    • wdc


    • rss


    • textdoc

      Wow. I never said I wasn’t going because the flyer had the wrong accent mark. It just seemed like a pity to me that with all the effort they spent on having the accent marks correct in the press release, somebody managed to get it wrong in the flyer.

      • It derailed the conversation so I deleted :) there now we can talk cheese again.

        • textdoc

          Works for me!
          I like your URL for this one, by the way.

      • abdc

        I think people were more responding to Craig’s grievances and the critique about it being a solely Swiss tradition, than you just pointing out the incorrect use of the accent aigu.

  • Fromage Addict

    Looks delicious, but I haven’t been able to get any other details – Any idea of a price on this?


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