Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I’m writing with a long-shot request: do any of the PoPville readers know of an (apparently) Instagram-famous dog named Chuck Norris? While walking back from the No Ban // No Wall rally on Sunday, Jan 29, a nice woman stopped me and my boyfriend near Mt. Vernon square, and asked to take a photo of our signs (“No hate, No Fear, Everyone is Welcome Here”) with her doggo. She explained that he is “kind of a big deal” with 27k Instagram followers, and that she loved our signs.

She asked for a short quote on why we showed up for the rally, and why we were doing this, and my mind went embarrassingly blank. I managed to mumble something about ‘empathy being the root of everything that drives me,’ but I’d love to be in touch with the woman so that I could offer a much more coherent response, or see what she posted. Plus: I just really liked her dog.

He was a larger dog, with white/grey very fluffy hair. Maybe a Portuguese water dog? He had a red silk brocade doggie vest on (how can you argue against a dog with that much style?) I can’t seem to find anything on Instagram, Twitter, etc. with the name “Chuck Norris” (besides, obviously, Chuck Norris) – does anyone know this dog and/or his Instagram account?”


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