• Nicky

    I’ve already gone a few times for some repairs and their very nice and helpful!

  • maxwell smart

    Do they develop film? I have a bag of film that I have sitting on for years waiting to be developed.

    • thismoi

      Most certainly! I would recommend having them develop one of the rolls to start to make sure you’re happy with the quality of the images. You can opt to get the images developed straight to a CD rather than getting prints. If you’re happy with the test roll, then check to see if they would be willing to do a bulk discount for developing all of the rolls at once. I developed about 18 rolls when they were still located in Dupont at Embassy Camera and they offered me a 15% discount on the lot.

  • Victoria

    Been going to these guys for awhile, and so glad they moved closer to downtown. They actually took my business when their new shop hadn’t officially opened. Film photographers – they’re processing is excellent, and very fast. I even had a damaged roll that they credited me for on the next roll. They have a pretty impressive inventory of light modifiers for such a small joint too.

    • Victoria



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