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Double Shooting in Columbia Heights just before 5pm

by Prince Of Petworth January 10, 2017 at 5:11 pm 22 Comments

via google maps

From MPD:

“The Third District is currently investigating a double shooting in the 1300 block of Columbia Road/1300 block of Harvard Street NW. Both victims have injuries that are believed to be non-life threatening. Due to the investigation, motorists in the area can expect road closures.

Please call 202-727-9099 if you have any information regarding this incident.”

MPD also tweeted:

“Shooting in the 1300 block of Columbia Rd N.W.Lookout for (2) males wearing black masks armed with handguns.”

  • DF

    Used to live on the 1100 block of Columbia. I never regret moving to Petworth.
    Also, we couldn’t afford to buy in this neighborhood anyway!

    • Anonymous

      No shortage of shootings in Petworth my friend. See, for example, the report of a shooting “near” the Petworth Metro today at 1 pm.

    • TinkerTaylor

      Exactly. When was the last time Petworth had a daytime shooting this near their Metro station?
      Oh, my bad: https://www.popville.com/2017/01/shooting-near-petworth-metro-around-1pm/

    • anonymous2u

      Yep, Petworth is loads safer. No shootings occur there?

  • -A

    is there a neighborhood in DC more disparate between the price the real estate commands to live there and the level of crime that occurs there? maybe Hill East, but I think CH has it worse.

  • Jake Hill

    Does the Police need to be Militarized for idiots to stop committing senseless crimes? I’m starting to think that Cops should start using Military equipment to deter the crime in DC, and also across the United States. Random strip searches and no-knock raids is something that I can support.

    • The King Ad-Hoc


    • anon7

      That might make you feel good, but militarizing the police would further a counter-productive schism between the police and the communities they serve, especially those that are more vulnerable to this violence.
      The problem is that DC’s court-system is laughably liberal, with many judge sympathetic to the “society made me do it” excuse. Young offenders who have committed violent crimes are routinely released with a slap on the wrist. This has been happening for years and now even the Washington Post has profiled it… Start punishing violent criminals (like Virginia) and this recent uptick in violent crime will subside.

      • Jake Hill

        Yes, I’m very aware of the soft Liberal approach on laws. However, militarizing the Police would sure reduce the crime rate, specifically in inner cities. I am sure you would appreciate the crime being reduced and a stronger presence of Police in DC, which who are desperately needed in certain areas.
        You’d most likely see more development underway in certain areas if the crime was to reduce.

        • Blithe

          Links from the aclu and ny magazine are being moderated.
          The short version is that when a police force is militarized, the likelihood that a community responding violently to what is perceived as, and can behave like, an occupying force is significant.
          It’s interesting that you seem to view “development” as a priority over civil rights — i.e. random strip searches — unless I’m misunderstanding your use of the word “random”.

          • Jake Hill

            A militarized Police Force would not be an occupying force. They would be and do what they were intended to. Help civilians, fight domestic terrorism, arrest criminals, and keep illegal drugs/guns off of the streets.

            What does arresting criminals have anything to do with civil rights? When you have crime ridden inner cities, why shouldn’t Cops conduct stop and frisks on people who look suspicious in those neighborhoods?

            I mentioned development because if crime ridden areas were cleaned up, investors would start pouring in. Lets say if the East of the River neighborhoods were crime reduced, gentrification would come quicker than expected. Especially near the metro stations.

          • dcd

            “What does arresting criminals have anything to do with civil rights?”
            Oh, come on. Arresting criminals has EVERYTHING to do with civil rights. I can’t think of an intersection between the government and its citizens where civil rights – you know, as articulated in the Bill of Rights and the subsequent Amendments to the Constitution – are implicated more than when the government uses its police power. A full half of the original Bill of Rights deals directly with the criminal justice system (and several others often are implicated). Read a book sometime.

      • Anonymous

        Man, don’t blame this on a “liberal” court system. Most people in DC are liberals and are sick of this crime and idiotic court system. It’s neither liberal nor conservative; it’s just sheer lunacy stemming from misplaced racial pity on the part of DC judges and federal prosecutors.

        • Jake Hill

          What can we all do about the DC court system then? So they just sit back, get overly paid, while clearly not doing their jobs? Must be nice to leech off of the taxpayers.
          Oh it’s definitely liberal! I’m sure that no conservative has “misplaced racial pity.” Only liberals think it’s “racist” for Non-White criminals to be arrested. But enough with the division. No matter if you’re conservative or liberal, something needs to be done.

          • stacksp

            This is a misconception and outright untruthful

            “Only liberals think it’s “racist” for Non-White criminals to be arrested”. Racist for being arrested for a crime is a ridiculous statement

        • anon7

          Oh, its definitely a liberal court system. The DC council sponsors laughably liberal laws (like the Youth Rehabilitation Act) and the judges, who are chosen by liberal leaders, hand out liberal punishments. You think places with a more conservative slant have the same high rate of violent-reoffenders?… Your blind support of the democratic party is part of the reason DC has a long way to go on this issue.

    • Steve F

      Please post your address so we can send it along to the SWAT team. They’d love to come bust down your door and then give you cavity search. The law must be equitable after all.

    • Steve F

      Please post your address so we can send it along to the SWAT team. They’d love to come bust down your door and then give you cavity search. The law must be equitable after all.

  • 12346

    Has this developed any further? I came out of the metro at 5:40 and heard what sounded like a building alarm go off followed by a bunch of loud bangs.

    • matt

      yeah i was getting off metro at the same time as you and heard 9 shots around this time

  • Blithe
  • Real Understanding

    Militarized for idiots to stop committing senseless crimes?????<<< WOW REALLY.. Maybe no one else has said what you need to hear from that comment. But I will saying something like that is pure evil & lack of understanding for (TRUE Washingtonian Born & Raised Here) Who are seeing their Washington DC just taken away little by little every single day. Ones that don't have nothing but Chinese carry-outs & liqour store in their neighborhoods & even those places won't hire them for jobs. Do your math & research before you type hurtful discriminating comments . Washington since 2010 has been catering to the upper middle class and above which im not Postive but pretty sure your in one of those brackets. The state of Washington DC helping inner city Youth & local young adults has been down since 2008. So tell me why do they need to be Militarized & called idiots again???? And who are you?? To not even try to understand their view of things. Born here but can't afford to even buy a house or elderly folks getting kicked out their long term 44 years plus home. Just to build 2,500 a month one bed bedroom apartments.. ?? That they could never afford. Tell me what do you do?? When know one will hire you ?? No, you dont go shoot someone that's not right at all but ask yourself what would you do??? Really give examples ?????? (HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE) Life is hard enough for those folks so why kick them in their thoat even more. Get involved in helping bring jobs & funding for career advancement programs for them. WAKE UP!!!!!!! & Grab A Hand & Help Instead Of Throwing Stones.


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