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“The driver, who had several children on the bus, was talking on her cell phone with only one hand on the wheel”

by Prince Of Petworth October 17, 2016 at 2:45 pm 15 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to write in because while I was walking my dog Friday around 4:30 pm on 18th Street between Kenyon and Kilbourne, I saw a DCPS school bus drive by. The driver, who had several children on the bus, was talking on her cell phone with only one hand on the wheel. I made a note of the license plate and called DCPS and left a voicemail. I am concerned I won’t hear back and want to know if anyone knows the contact info of someone at DCPS who I can talk to about this, as I really want this driver to be talked to about her reckless driving.”

  • K

    I believe school buses aren’t part of DCPS but instead fall under OSSE. I had to report a bus driver after witnessing the driver get out of the bus, leaving the bus running and full of kids, in the middle of a busy intersection so she could yell at another driver.


  • navyard

    I wouldn’t have thought to call the school. I would call the police. Or the parents association. Schools don’t care about kids!

  • KPS

    Shocking, but not shocking. There are a lot of people occupying jobs in DC at which they are lousy, unqualified, reckless, don’t care, and don’t deserve to have. And no one can get fired without the company suffering lawsuits and settlements over false – but dangerous – accusations. I left the workforce because of this epidemic. Started working in a new field where I essentially work alone, for WAY less money, and have never been happier. Truly. Endangering children? There HAS to be a line that can’t be crossed without serious repercussions.

  • CatieCat

    My pup and I almost got run over by a school bus in Shaw a few months ago. It just blew through a stop sign and we had to jump out of the way. It was gone too fast to see any markings, but there were kids on the bus. Ugh

  • Ross

    I saw a DCPS bus driver downtown the other day, angrily yelling at other drivers. A person with anger issues should not be behind the wheel of a school bus.

  • ParkViewneighbor

    Won’t anyone think about the children ?????
    but seriously, cell phone while driving is a plague in DC and elsewhere. There should be way more enforcement by the police

  • Anonymous

    If you describe the bus, I can possibly tell you who to call. I.e., short shuttle bus, long school bus, what color, was it a coach bus or a traditional school bus? Bancroft has shuttles between its locations, but their buses are of all different types.

    • OP

      It was a short yellow bus.

      • Anonymous

        That’s not Bancroft then. Actually, I think it’s a bus for a neighbor’s child, who goes to a special school, so it would fall under special ed’s transportation office. The timing indicates it might be that as well.

  • Anon6

    Since we’re all speculating, I will too. Perhaps one of the children had an emergency that justified the driver’s use of the cell phone. Perhaps the driver was having an emergency and was trying to make a phone call while looking for a safe place to pull over.
    We collectively assume the worst, but there are sometimes — even if rarely — reasonable explanations for a public servant’s actions.

    • navyard

      Nope, I cannot think of a single good reason to pick up a phone and use it before pulling over. And when there are children in the vehicle? X1000!

      Possible exception: There’s a bomb on the bus and if you slow down to under 60mph, the bomb will explode. But even then, you really just have to wait for keanu to jump on.

  • Everybody should know that school bus drivers are at best – sleep deprived and distracted. Most work at other jobs, often overnight as tow truck drivers, delivery drivers etc.

    • KPS

      This has nothing to do with: being on a phone; getting off the bus to curse at another driver; cursing at other drivers while driving. A distracted and tired person doesn’t do those things.

  • WeinDC

    One of the bus drivers in shaw had blocked my car in. When I asked him if he was going to move he got out of the bus (it was running) and started screaming at me with my daughter in the car. There were 2 kids that I could see in the bus.

    Not sure how OSSE screens these people, but when I reported it, no one called me back.

  • Me

    Under DC Code a school bus operator may use a phone while driving in certain instances.


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