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Another Restaurant Closes on 19th Street

by Prince Of Petworth October 4, 2016 at 11:40 am 19 Comments


Thanks to Adam for sending. Red Robin Burger Works only opened in March of last year. This is also the former space of Boloco Burritos who also abruptly closed in December of 2014.

Other bars/restaurants that have recently closed on 19th Street are: Olivia’s Dinner, Protein Bar, Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine, Noodles and Co., Smith and Wollensky’s and Science Club:

1028 19th Street, NW just south of L Street

  • ***

    Considering the quantity of burger places in DC, especially in this area of town, I’m not terribly surprised.

  • GJ

    I think Red Robin’s Burger Works fast casual chain isn’t doing well – pretty sure the L’Enfant Plaza location closed too.

    • L’Enfant Worker

      Yup, it is closed too.

  • Rich

    better burger places nearby and they probably needed more than the lunch rush to make money

  • anon29

    No bottomless fries at this location was their undoing!

  • anon

    It’s crazy to me how many highly mediocre burger chains there are. Why would anyone think this would do well?

  • AntiAlias

    Not surprising. I work near there, and I never understood how they stayed in business as long as they did. There are so many burger places around there, many either cheaper (McDonalds) or better (Bobby Flay’s) than them. They were priced like a fast casual, but the quality was fast food. Not a great combination.

  • anon

    they also had horrible, slow service

  • MoldieOldie

    honestly, the burgers were fine. did i choose the cheapest option always? yes. their problem was lack of management (i.e., why do you have six people working when there is only one customer in the store?). with any restaurant it’s about cogs, labor, and wastage. 19th Street is all about 11am-2pm and then it’s a wasteland.

  • Keith

    I just noticed Five Guys @ Farragut West food court is also closed. Anyone know details on that?

    • MoldieOldie

      I sooooo miss the Five Guys in Dupont. Burgers better than Red Robin and certainly Shake Shack (which are small and burnt). I think all the landlords are just not re-newing leases so they can squeeze more blood from a stone of a wide-eyed new tenant (see, Adams Morgan).

    • anon

      The Five Guys in the food court in the National Press building was closed last week too (haven’t checked since).

      • CatieCat

        It was open yesterday when i walked by.

    • Rich

      Their franchises are pretty uneven and I’ve noticed most of their places don’t have the business they once did. Heck, I haven’t been to one in years and don’t really miss it.

  • MoldieOldie

    Also, as an aside – the workers at Shake Shack do nothing but smoke weed in the alley behind their store. ALL THE TIME.

  • Edward

    This closure has nothing to do with the location or specific restaurant. The entire Burger Works line was shut down.

    • palisades

      I mean it sort of does. After reading an article about it, it sounds like they couldn’t keep up with the fast-casual burger craze. There’s a million other options in Dupont and they didn’t stand out, just like at the other locations.

  • smn-dc

    Don’t all these businesses that failed on 19th ST (except for the Science Club) do any market research before they decide to open up? Just stand at the corner of 19th & M or L ST during lunch weekdays and do short survey of what office workers want to eat. I could have told them don’t bother, they’re likely going to fail or change their concept to XYZ.

  • MoldieOldie

    anyone taking odds on the next closure? (House of Kabob, already announced to close in a couple weeks). my guess, Yafa (another overstaffed joint – looks like catering is only thing that sustains them).


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