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Update: Madewell coming to 14th Street, likely in former Universal Gear space

by Prince Of Petworth — September 29, 2016 at 9:25 am 19 Comments

1919 14th Street, NW

Props to Jenna Golden for digging up this help wanted post from parent company J.Crew:

“Store Director, Madewell, 14th Street NW *NEW STORE*”

Their website says:

“What is Madewell? For one thing, we’re jeans makers. But we also focus on all the things you wear with denim: timeless leather jackets, great boots, slouchy tees and have—forever totes.”

Timothy Paul closed back in August. Update: a very reliable source indicates that the location for this Madewell on 14th will actually be in the former Universal Gear space closer to U Street!! Stay tuned for confirmation/exact address on 14th.

A Madewell at this location should appease those who were disappointed about the J. Crew “men’s products only” store coming nearby to 14th and Corcoran Street, NW (which is also hiring.)

1618 14th Street, NW

  • stank

    wasn’t that the old ‘sex club’ where some dude died?

  • Anon

    FWIW: Madewell is a JCrew offshoot, so it makes sense they would open a dedicated women’s store alongside the menswear-only shop they’re opening at the old party boys spot.

  • Ironically, the couple of things I’ve bought from Madewell (an umbrella for me and a watch for her) have both broken in less than a year due to shoddy construction quality.

    • Anon

      I’m willing to spend a fair amount on quality, but I draw the line at umbrellas. I lose them all the time and their failure rate seems rather decoupled from the price paid, so I treat them as more or less disposable now. Oddly enough, the umbrella that’s lasted longest is some cheapie I got from Costco.

      • OP Anon

        Get a Blunt umbrella. Indestructible. The newest ones come with a Tile so your phone will go crazy if you get more than 80 feet away from the umbrella.
        But I hear ya on the ability to lose them.

        • I’ve learned that being without an umbrella in DC can quite easily become a huge mistake, so I own probably half a dozen that I keep at home, in my work bag, at my office, in my wife’s car, and at least one backup in case I ever lose one of those (which I haven’t done in a very long time). I’m always looking for a new best one though, so I’ll check into these.

      • spookiness

        I keep a supply of cheapies, but FYI Totes has a lifetime warranty. Yes you have to pay S& H for a replacement (which I’ve done once), which is about the cost of a cheapy umbrella, but I have a couple Totes and they have lasted for years.

    • anon

      Haha, I’ve also had this experience. I bought a dress from there that ripped at the waist seam the second time I wore it.

    • Pixie

      Same. Nothing I buy from that store lasts for more than one season, their t-shirts get holes in them, the seams of their dresses fray and rip. And I bought a pair of shoes that ended up being like torture devices for my feet within the 10 minutes of wearing them outside. They are unwearable (and un-returnable). I love their style, but I have to stop myself from buying their stuff.

      • textdoc

        Tangential question — Pixie, did you ever find a good substitute for Target’s fitted/tailored-ish women’s T-shirts?

  • Anon

    Yes I think of Madewell as “Not Made Well.” I’ve had a dress and two shirts rip on the seams….

    • siz

      yeah it’s actually a huge bummer – the quality has gone way downhill in the last few years. i used to buy their stuff all the time – the clothes are my exact style though so i keep making the mistake of “THIS TIME IT WILL BE DIFFERENT” and it rarely is.

  • nw_dc_1988

    Oh god, the number of basic Jenns and Beckys is about to quadruple on 14th Street

    • AsAMother

      I’m still just praying that they haven’t discovered any of the new gay bars in town that have opened since the Jenns and Becky’s took over Nellie’s and kicked all the gay men out.

  • LedroitTigah

    I might be the only one that’s quasi excited about this. I like their stuff, and would be glad not to have to run to Georgetown to try on some of their fare.

    what kinds of other stores would folks like to see on 14th or in shaw? I guess Id be down for a club Monaco, but think their stuff might be too overpriced to be attractive in the area.

    • nw_dc_1989

      you’re not alone, Tigah. I’m definitely far from a Jenn or a Becky and pretty much live in Madewell.

      FWIW, none of my clothes from them have ever had an issue outside of accidentally drying a linen shirt once. Including the sandals that I’ve put through 2 years of walking to work.

    • V

      Gucci, D&G, and Prada please.

  • superlazyinbloomingdale

    wow I am honestly shocked that people still buy things in stores. I’m so lazy and buy ~everything~ online and return what doesn’t fit…


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