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Little Coco’s Launching Brunch Saturday at 10am – Check Out the Menu

by Prince Of Petworth September 28, 2016 at 10:22 pm 22 Comments

3907 14th Street, NW

Good news from Little Coco’s: “Rolling out brunch this Saturday at 10 am!”

Check out the menu: little-cocos-brunch (PDF)

Also we’ve mentioned Little Coco’s roof deck but now it’s looks like they’ll be adding more seating out front. So what’s the early word here, I loved it, anyone else take a taste yet?

  • Anonynon

    that pop up is hideous

    • B’Dale Res

      That is exactly the adjective that came to mind as well. It is enough to make me not want to visit this establishment.

      • DF

        Great! Less of a wait for me and the lady when we want to enjoy delicious Italian in the neighborhood.

      • ctk

        What a bizarre reason to avoid a restaurant.

        • Anonynon

          I disagree ambiance for a ‘nice’ restaurant is something I consider important. It seems fake and what they did with the whole façade is pretty horrible. I looked at the prices and its fairly expensive…ill pass on this place

  • Anonymous

    Love Little Coco’s! This place is legit. Too bad they weren’t able to rent the Golden Paradise space next door. Since opening, Golden “Paradise” has had several violent crime and domestic abuse arrests/calls. Daily problems with drugs, prostitution, gangs and fighting outside. The new owner of the Washington Pizza building was forced to put up a fence!

    • SW 20011

      Of course you have zero evidence of any of this.

      • neighbor

        Well, I don’t know about Anonymous, but I do! If anyone is interested, hunt down the July 27 ABRA hearing transcript for Golden Paradise. A fascinating read.

        There is indeed a fence around the adjoining property now that was put up by the property owner after a few violent incidents, a fair amount of trash and public urination/drinking, illegal parking, and a few people experiencing homelessness putting up an encampment there (ie, moving furniture to the empty lot). While the latter was going on a few folks known to be involved in prostitution and drug trade were hanging out there.

        Astrid Billiards is another unfortunate drag on that strip and should actually have been closed down (I think the city has done so but it’s still in use, sort of).

        • SW 20011

          I live on the corner. Thanks for the tip on the ABRA hearing, I’ll look it up.

        • SW 20011

          You have a link for that transcript?

          • SW 20011
          • A

            At what point is the owner of the building liable? If violent crime/drugs/gangs are a problem, can he be held responsible for any injuries that occur?
            The owner’s wife/sister, who magically disappeared for the ABRA hearing (just like their security tapes!), is affiliated with one of her gangs on 14th Street. Formerly connected to Carolina’s which was another well-known gang/crime hot spot.

          • SW 20011

            A, you bring up a good point and this is also exactly what caught the attention of ABRA. That the man’s sister is, on paper, the owner of the establishment. But at the ABRA hearing, he took the initiative, answered all the questions, and when ABRA pointed questions to her, HE answered them. He also reportedly had been going around telling people HE owned the bar.

            This isn’t going to end well for GP.

        • JS
        • Mike

          For what it’s worth, virtually all of the social ills that you are connecting to GP existed in that area before the restaurant came in.

          • neighbor

            I agree with that (MPD goes over that in the transcript). However, some of it has been exacerbated since they opened. Partly thought their own practice, partly through negligence/not being good neighbors. They convey a general lack of responsibility and accountability. Not least of which it’s a bit unclear who is actually in charge!

          • SW 20011

            Yeah, GP looks like they’re in serious crap if they don’t clean their act up. They’re at best total clowns and amateurs when it comes to running an alcohol-serving business in the District and at worst they are hiding shady activity and breaking the law.

            What a shame. I was hoping a decent, reputable business was going to open up there, and yet we have yet another magnet for unsavory and sometimes violent behavior on the corner.

  • Ben

    Delicous! The tuna with the avacado sorbet is a must order

  • T

    I went with a group of 7 for a friend’s birthday, and it was good! A little hard to hear (but isn’t everywhere?). I had the fried pizza, which was tasty, but is basically a calzone (i.e., I left feeling gross; shouldn’t have been a surprise). I’d try something else next time, but definitely want to go back.

  • Animale

    I went during the first week and the pizza was a bit too chewy and so was the pasta my girlfriend ordered.

  • anon

    I’ve been there a few times and everything that I have had has been delicious (fried pizza, margerita pizza, cacio & pepe, oxtail baked ziti, goat cheese ravioli, artichoke bruscetta, tiramisu). This is one of the first new places on upper 14th that I think is unequivocally good.

  • anon

    It’s not the best design for the street, but have you seen Red Derby? Compared to that, it’s beautiful. And I think it will grow on me, from this pic, I can see there is a small bit of architectural detail at the top that I hadn’t noticed from the street. And I totally support this type of infill investment. Pop-ups aren’t always pretty, but they make our city better by adding capacity.


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