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At Long Last Little Coco’s Opens Thursday – Just What the Doctor Ordered for Upper 14th

by Prince Of Petworth September 6, 2016 at 10:22 pm 20 Comments


From the owners of Bar Charley, El Chucho, Slash Run (and more) comes Little Coco’s opening Thursday! I was lucky enough to get an early taste and I’m happy to report that we have another jaw dropper. Both in aesthetics and deliciousness.

Have a look at the menu:

Little Coco’s_Menu (PDF)

A mini look inside – with perhaps the most comfortable bar seating in town:


And don’t forget the roof deck:


I had to take a taste immediately:


And to be expected from this group – the drinks were top notch too!

Here’s “a lovely lineup of the vintage Amari we’ll be serving.”

courtesy Little Coco’s

Outdoor signage wasn’t up when I stopped by but just to orient you – the former Rib Pit Lounge and current Little Coco’s in the middle (on 14th Street just north of Randolph and Red Derby and Lyman’s):

3907 14th Street, NW

  • DF

    Where are they getting ramps in September?! Can’t wait to give them a shot; hoping it’s not crazy slammed for months but I’m thinking it might be.

    • dtsb

      I remember going to Red Rocks a few years ago and they had ramps on the menu in August or September, I questioned this too, turns out they were pickled. Ramp pesto freezes pretty well.

  • JohnH

    Pizza options are a nice variety! Fried pizza…interesting (hi, I’m from the midwest). You can tell they don’t want people building their own though….

    • Ben

      How so? They have a whole “build your own” section on the menu…

      • +1, the font is even bigger than the custom pizzas…

      • JohnH

        It’s significantly more expensive…maybe they do and will make more money, but I would be deterred paying a few bucks more when you can get several others for less…

  • Ben

    Saw their announcement on FB and was wondering when you would post here. That meat/cheese section should hopefully quell some of the folks on the last menu thread….

  • Ashy Oldlady

    What did you think of the pizza?

    • It was very good. But I also had this pasta dish with rabbit that absolutely blew my mind.

  • upper14th4awhile

    SO excited! Upper 14th love!

  • yunkstahn

    The logo is fantastic, too!

    • JS

      It reminds of the illustrations from “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs.”

    • I think it’s a play on a print I got years ago, a guy did the 50 states and DC out of food. DC is a half eaten pop tart.

  • Near Northeast

    What will the hours be?

  • Guillermo Brown

    Menu looks fantastic, and I’m very excited about comfortable bar seats.

  • Ben

    Went last night and had an enjoyable time. Food was fantastic (ahi tuna tartare and the sweet corn campanelle were the highlights!). We will be returning for sure!

  • ECfromDC

    I’ll have to check out their ‘Pig Destroyer’.


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