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  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised they’re not popping it up. I had no idea there was this extent of work going on in here and I live a block away/walk by here 2 or 3x per week.

    • los

      I think they are hoping to buy El Tamarindo in the near term. I pray that they can do that and thus have the entire block to build/pop-up a nice high end complex

      • Kalorama Resident

        Didn’t El Tamarindo just remodel? I find it highly unlikely that they’d sell.

  • anon

    Also very surprised they are not popping up… wonder when construction is supposed to wrap up

    • AnonV2

      They may still be popping up.. They dug out dVino’s and had to pour new foundation footers. Can’t add to the top until the foundation has been beefed up

      • JakeOnDC

        Most likely digging out and beefing up to add a basement that never existed before.. Storage space, bathrooms or even kitchen may be sub level.. I believe the area would not allow for a pop up and thank god for that.. not everything has to be sky high.. however a roof deck would be very cool

  • anon

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