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Two New Bars from the Hilton brothers coming to Logan Circle?

by Prince Of Petworth September 30, 2016 at 10:20 am 8 Comments


Huge week for Logan Circle continues with some scuttlebutt about the rest of the retail for the new building at 14th and Rhode Island Ave, NW. On Monday I was happy to share confirmation about a Shake Shack coming to the old Caribou Coffee location. Now a very good source says that the two other retail spaces, either in that building or next door will be taken over by the Hilton brothers of Marvin, Brixton, El Rey, Satellite Room etc. I’m hearing that they will be opening two new bars in two separate spaces. I’m not exactly sure how the logistics will work but stay tuned for many more updates when/if confirmation comes.

Ed. Note: Last week we learned “Eric and Ian Hilton, renowned for creating neighborhood mainstays including Georgetown’s Chez Billy Sud, and The Gibson along 14th Street, will open The Brighton, a high-energy waterfront pub.”

  • Anon

    It’s hard to get excited about a new Hilton bros bar coming to Logan Circle. The area is already saturated with many different types of bars, offering something for just about everybody. I can’t imagine the Hilton bros filling a niche that isn’t already well-served there.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      Yeah, how many Hilton bars do we need in this town? They’re all a lot more alike than they are unique.

      • I won’t be happy until they own every property on 14th St and U St.

  • eb

    This post reminds me: What is the status of Chez Billy space in Petworth? Any details on the new restaurant?

  • lucie

    “waterfront?” Is that the new “blocks from the White House?”

    • That restaurant will actually be on the waterfront. The quote above is not in reference to these 2 new bars.

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      “Waterfront” refers to the location of a different bar that they are opening in the new Wharf development. It’s indeed waterfront. Nobody (yet) is trying to call Logan Circle the waterfront although if you look at those worst case scenario maps about rising water levels in the Chesapeake …

  • michael hodges

    I own Logan 14 Salon on the next block, and I have from a good source that the Hilton brothers are taking the second floor above Shake Shack, and the roof to… for a roof top bar.


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