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  • madamhelga

    Went with a couple of friends (all of us are Asian-American) over the weekend. It’s by far the most legit dim sum (looking at you, Ping Pong) you’ll get in the District but probably on par with some of the better Cantonese places out in the ‘burbs. The staff all speak Cantonese and Mandarin and the quality of the food was pretty good. However, the small plates start at $4.25 each and go up from there so it does end up being pretty pricey!

    • Philippe Lecheval

      That’s why you have to go out to the burbs for decent dim sum. Rent is a lot cheaper out there.

    • Nice to hear. Ping Pong barely even qualifies as dim sum, or palatable.

  • Derek

    Wow, that does sound pretty high, but understandable considering the neighborhood. Dim sum is one of those cravings that a trip out to the ‘burbs is warranted.

  • northeazy

    Um nobody’s heard of Tony Cheng’s in Chinatown? Place is a gem that is routinely passed over. Like all good Jews I went last Christmas and the place was packed with Asians. Tell tale sign of quality.

  • U Street Resident

    Went for dinner the other night. The menu is gigantic — over 300 dishes, and lots of options for adventurous eaters — we ordered the Frog (Hong Kong Style); the menu also had intestine, abalone, duck tongue, etc.

    The roast pork appetizer was delicious and they gave us a complimentary green and red bean soup for dessert. The table next to us ordered a (whole) lobster dish, which looked great.

    Given how huge the menu is, would be really curious to hear other takes.

    • Love HK frog, awesome! Wonder where they’re getting abalone, rarely see it on this coast.

  • Low Headways

    Authentic Cantonese dim sum; authentic 14th Street prices (probably still more expensive to get a zipcar to the suburbs than to just eat here, though).

  • shmoo

    its unfortunate, but if you want the legit shit, you gotta head out to rockville town center.

  • shmoo

    yea, i didnt mean to imply it isn’t good by any means. It is delicious and if you live close by, should certainly be a spot you visit.

    Rockville Town Center and the area around the rockville courthouse, however, has some of the best chinese food in the area in my opinion (barring some spots in VA, but I grew up in MD so I have an aversion to VA in general – not really, but thats what we like to say in public). East Dumpling House is my favorite. My wife and I are able to stuff our faces for about 30 bucks total.

    • I see – didn’t see you were responding to Low Headways comment (stupid broken threading :( )

  • shmoo

    sorry, didnt mean to respond out of line… will also add that this place is comparable with Oriental East in Silver Spring in terms of taste. Both are very delicious.

  • Hill Denizen

    Haha, yeah, I think the confusion was in the “it’s unfortunate.” I take it to mean the fact that you have to go to the suburbs for good dim sum is unfortunate, not that the restaurant was unfortunate.

  • John

    Do they serve alcohol?

    • peachy

      They do, my friend and I each tried one of their “specialty” cocktails. They sounded interesting and different (green tea vodka, etc) but were pretty sweet and weak. Next time I’d probably stick with wine or a more basic cocktail (G&T) next time. The bartender was definitely new at bartending in general, and the owner/manager was talking him through making the drinks. So maybe with experience it will improve!

  • Truxton Thomas

    I really want to try this place. Seems like a nice break from the overly sculpted concepts in which food quality can be forgotten. Now all I want is a pho place in the neighborhood and I’ll be set, promise.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Walking past it looks like there’s a bar. And of course they long promoted themselves as a Chinese wine bar, so I would think so.

  • scooter

    visited with my girlfriend this week after much anticipation. “special” mai tais ($10 each) were weak and overwhelmed with some kind of punch — read: not mai tais. spring rolls (two for $4) were inconsistent but met expectations for texture and flavor. dim sum appetizer sampler ($19) was a notch above bad, culminating in my shocking refusal to eat the second pork bun. we decided to throw in the towel at this point and relish an opportunity to eat pre-cooked chicken from trader joe’s.

    i’ll probably give it another shot, but i certainly won’t recommend it.

    • peachy

      I got the dim sum platter as well as we were there in the evening, past regular dim sum hours. I thought the savory dim sums were pretty good, but the sweet ones (of which there were too many on the plate) were rather unpleasant.

  • Love Tony Cheng’s (especially the way they bring everything around on carts for you to pick and choose from) but I have a spouse who doesn’t like dim sum (or Chinese food in general) so I don’t get there very often…

  • Dang, thought I was replying to northeazy.

  • Dim Sum Lover

    Shh stop telling people about our little dim sum secret.

  • -A

    went during dim sum hours when they were pushing carts around and REALLY enjoyed it. will be back.

  • Brightwooding



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