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Also Popping Up at EatsPlace – 3 Twisted Vegans on Saturdays

by Prince Of Petworth July 14, 2016 at 11:45 am 9 Comments

3607 Georgia Ave, NW

From EatsPlace:

“Starting July 16th and every Saturday through December, come get burgers, fries and shakes.

Make Saturdays your cheat day with 3 Twisted Vegans. Healthy vegan fast food will do your body and spirit good! 5:00 – 10:00PM. Walk-ins, no reservations.”


“3 Twisted vegans was brought about by 22 year old African American triplets by the name of Rhoni, Rhone’t and Rhoneika Jacobs from DC. The girls decided to make a major change in their life and go vegan literally overnight.

This change was not the easiest but with head chef Rhoneika’s skills and the creativity of the three ladies combined, they started transforming their once carnivorous ways into eye catching and innovative herbivorous dishes that onlookers wouldn’t believe was vegan. With the new found lifestyle and their health improving drastically, the girls were dying to share their recipes and delicious meals to the public wanting everyone to experience this because it was just too good to keep in their kitchen anymore and with that 3 Twisted Vegans was born. The girls have three simple goals that will surely plummet their humble local business to the first vegan empire that the entire world has ever seen. First is to break every stereotype that the public has of what vegan is and what it is not. There is nothing set in stone that this or that can not be vegan and the girls will surley prove that. Secondly is to make vegan food look as familiar and convenient to the point where non vegans reject the traditional fast food chains and go with the vegan indulgences instead. The average consumer is on the go and loves to stay in its comfort zone in terms of food so the girls are all set to tackle the lunch crowd all while giving better but familiar alternatives. Last but not least 3 Twisted Vegans wants the world to know that there is no boundaries to what vegans can do. If McDonalds, Sonic or Burger King can do it, they can do it better and you will soon learn that when you taste their food. 3 Twisted Vegans may be only local for know but be on the lookout because they will be taking over the vegan world..they guarantee that.”

  • eater

    Curious about this place, but their instagram has no pictures of their food.
    Show us the food guys.

  • 3 Twisted Vegans

    @Eater, I don’t know if your on the accurate Instagram but it’s @3twistedvegans_ we have tons of pictures. Check it out!!!

  • anon

    I’m presuming the burgers have a patty in addition to the toppings mentioned below each style? Can you tell us more about these patties – are they black bean, soy, quinoa fake meat, etc?

  • This is Awkward

    Interesting! It’d be nice to know what these burgers are actually made of…the release doesn’t say and the graphic is just describing the toppings…

  • DCDuchess

    Yes, what type of meat alternatives are used for the burgers? Homemade quinoa burgers or …?

  • 3 Twisted Vegans

    @ This IS Awkward ….That’s a great question and sorry we left that out but it’s contains some soy vegetable protein and some simple ingredients we toss in like onions etc and seasonings. We understand many vegan burgers have unfamiliar ingredients and it’s not for everybody so we wanted something we had more control and say in. You can always email us your questions and we would be happy to answer them open and honestly!

    • This is Awkward

      Thanks much.

  • 3 Twisted Vegans

    @DCDuchess & @Anon We have had that question multiple times and it’s a great question. We all wanna know what we’re consuming but the base is just vegatable and some soy protein. We form each burger ourselves and add simple ingredients such as seasonings and onions etc which we bind and form. We answer all questions honestly and thanks for taking the time to read this article!

  • whiskey

    the rudeboy sounds delicious


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